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Ammo Benjamin 310 BB gun: Part 3

Benjamin 310 BB gun: Part 3

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Part 1
Part 2

A history of airguns

Benjamin 310
A Benjamin 310 multi-pump BB gun from 1952.

This report covers:

  • Hollow bolt
  • All that I want to test
  • Steel BBs
  • Lead balls
  • Darts
  • Traditional airgun darts
  • Non-traditional airgun darts
  • Pellets
  • Velocity test
  • Sad BB!
  • Next day
  • Discussion

I’m at the Pyramyd AIR Cup today. Veteran readers please help the new guys with their questions while I’m gone, because I won’t have much chance to answer email. I will be back in the office on Monday.

Today we begin looking at the velocity of the Benjamin 310 BB gun. There have been so many comments and requests for me to test different things with this gun that I won’t get through the whole velocity portion today. But I will get a start.

Hollow bolt

I mentioned the hollow bolt nose that differentiates the 310 from other Benjamin air rifles, but I don’t think all of you understood what I was talking about. I remember the first time I encountered this as a kid, it fooled me, too.

The 310 has a hollow bolt for the single BB, or lead ball that’s loaded. We learned in Part 1 that the 310 was made from 1940 until 1968. By 1940, Daisy had replaced lead Air Rifle Shot with steel BBs, so all BB guns made after about 1930 were made for steel. That means the makers of this gun were anticipating a BB of 0.171-0.173-inches in diameter. Now you are going to see why that matters.

The 310 was made with a hollow bolt nose that the BB was pressed into for firing.

Benjamin 310 bolt
It’s impossible to see in this photo, but the inside of the bolt nose is chamfered to accept and retain a BB.

Benjamin 310 bolt loaded
The BB is pressed into the bolt nose, where it sits until firing.

All that I want to test

Before I begin the tests let me discuss everything I intend testing. First up are steel BBs

Steel BBs

I will start with Daisy BBs that are a standard BB gun ammo. They will establish the baseline for the 310. I will also test the Hornady Black Diamond BB that has proven so accurate in a variety of different BB guns in recent years. I couldn’t really say that I had tested the 310 unless I tried them. And of course there is the Daisy Match Grade Shot that is made specially for the Daisy 499 Champion BB gun. We know this shot is slightly larger than other BBs and as such may fit the bore of the 310 better. I have to try it to know.

Lead balls

Steel BBs are fine, but they aren’t all I will try. I also have to try some lead balls, starting with the H&N Smart Shot that is essentially a lead BB. Gotta try that because it’s the same size as a steel BB and the Benjamin 310 is a single shot. If it was a repeater like the Benjamin 700, lead would not be good because it can get jammed in the feed mechanism, but you just saw how this gun is loaded. There is no way you can jam anything and not be able to clear it easily.

Smart Shot isn’t the only lead ball I will try. I have some 4.4mm balls that measure 0.173-inches in diameter, so why wouldn’t they be okay? And what about the 4.45mm balls I recently acquired to test the Daisy Number 12 Model 29 BB gun? That gun failed during its test, so I still have a generous supply of those balls that measure 0.175-inches. The 310 may not accept them, but at least I’m not afraid of jamming the gun. I probably won’t try anything larger than that, but I do have other ammo if I need it.


Reader Mike in Atlanta also asked me about shooting darts in the 310. It was made for them, so why not? But I have shot darts in airguns before, so I know some things most shooters don’t. You don’t want to shoot airgun darts very fast, unless you have an unlimited supply of them and only want to shoot each one once. Darts get stuck in targets and get damaged when they are pulled out. Darts are not high-velocity airgun projectiles.

When I was a kid I thought just the opposite. Darts are sharp and I figured they would penetrate deeper, which they will until the point buries up to the body. Then they stop. I also thought they would be great on small game, which they definitely are not! Don’t ask!

Darts are for fun, and only for fun. They are for use on targets. They make weak airguns capable of shooting targets. Most Marksman 1010 owners learned to shoot darts because they were the only thing that worked well in those guns.

Airgun darts need good targets to keep from burying themselves too deeply in the target. A dartboard will work, but only when you shoot at the lowest velocity. That’s not what you expected — was it?

Traditional airgun darts

Traditional airgun darts like Air Venturi airgun darts have steel bodies and tips with colorful short fiber fletching. The colors are so you can score the target and know who each dart belongs to. The fibers also bunch up and help seal the dart in a smooth bore.

Benjamin 310 Air Venturi darts
Air Venturi darts are the traditional kind.

Non-traditional airgun darts

Benjamin 310 Marksman airgun darts
Then there are non-traditional airgun darts like Marksman airgun “bolts” are dart-like projectiles with which I have no experience.

The non-traditional “darts” come with information that is confusing at best. It says they are for smoothbore airguns, which is fine. But then it says the plastic fins grip the rifling. What rifling? Smoothbores aren’t rifled. Are they trying to say you can use them in both smoothbore and rifled barrels? If so, they left out a few important sentences.

Benjamin 310 Marksman info
Anyone hazard a guess what that is trying to say?


And I will also test several pellets in the 310, as well. Not too much to say about that — yet!

Velocity test

Now you know what I’m trying to test. Let’s get to it. We aren’t going to finish today, but we will get started. First up — Daisy BBs.

2……………..480 (what?????)
5……………..643 !!!!!

Something isn’t right. There is NO WAY two pumps should produce a velocity of 480 f.p.s. with anything. I was just goofing around, shooting the gun with two pumps. Then I tried the other strokes seen above and got those velocities. Something wasn’t right. So I tried 5 pump strokes a second time and got 647 f.p.s.

What I haven’t mentioned is that there is air remaining in the gun after it is shot on 2, 3, 4 and 5 pumps. I was careful to exhaust all of it before the next test shot. I was about to record the velocities of the follow-on shots when I noticed a hissing sound coming from the breech. Oh, no! Another oldie has bit the dust in the middle of one of my tests!

Sad BB!

I was taken aback by this turn of events. This near-pristine BB gun that has been so lovingly cared-for all these years has given up the ghost in the middle of my report. I pumped the gun up and two minutes later it was empty. I was sad all the rest of that day and into the evening.

Next day

The next morning it hit me. What would I tell someone else who had such a problem? That’s right! I would advise putting several drops of automatic transmission fluid sealant in the gun and seeing if it would fix the seals. So, that’s what I did!

It took about 4 hours and multiple pumps and shots, but the ATF sealant did the trick. BB got his gun back! At least enough to continue the test. Still shooting Daisy BBs.

2……………..514 air remaining — shot out all of it
3……………..594 air remaining — shot out all of it
4……………..651, 537, 377
5……………..561, DNR, 462, DNR
5……………..655, 598, 456, DNR
5……………..579, 581, 433, DNR


The valve does seem to be holding. That’s the good news. At the end of today’s test I put 2 pumps in the gun and shot it 36 hours later to see if it held. It did. So, I emptied the gun and then put in another 2 pumps and shot a Daisy BB through the chronograph. After that I pumped it once and shot it again and again.


Okay, the gun is very powerful after two pumps. I can shoot, then give it another pump stroke and shoot again at a similar velocity. And another after that. I am wondering if this is the way to conduct an accuracy test? I sure don’t need more velocity than the mid-500s.

Point number two — this gun seems too powerful to me. But I don’t have that much experience with Benjamin 310s, so the high velocity with BBs might be normal. But retaining air like it is isn’t normal for a single shot. At least not until they get over-pumped and the valve starts locking.  Every shot should dump all the air. This gun is acting like the Benjamin 700 repeater we looked at several weeks back.

A weak striker (hammer) spring could account for the air retention, but the gun shouldn’t be as powerful as it is if the spring is weak. I am puzzled.

Now that the gun is holding air I don’t want to get it resealed. The finish might suffer during that process. On the other hand, what should I do? Well, that’s where you all come in. I am listening.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

129 thoughts on “Benjamin 310 BB gun: Part 3”

  1. B.B.,

    What are the chances of this being an air conserving pumper from the start? This was produced after the Benjamin 700. So if they simply used the same valve of the Benjamin 700 and changed it from a front pumper to a swing arm pumper, couldn’t it be the reason it is retaining air?

    Hope you have a good time at the Pyramyd AIR Cup. I expect you’ll post all about it on Tuesday till Thursday.


  2. B.B.,

    I’m wondering what the pumping effort is like during pumps one and two. Is it more difficult than usual, more like pump number six should be?

    Curiouser and curiouser!


  3. Long time reader – first post. Recently I picked up a benjamin 3100, the repeater version of the 310. Shoots very similar. Just tested it on Monday. Five pumps shot daisy bbs at 705 fps! Two to three pumps mid 500s with air left in. Tried using it as air conserving pumper but got wide variations in speed when adding an addition pump or two after taking a shot.

  4. BB

    Benjamin/Crosman may want to resurrect this powerhouse. Can hardly wait to see accuracy tests. I like the idea of 2 pumps and then only one afterwards for most accuracy testing. But this old gal may lead you down a different path.

    Enjoy the Pyramyd Cup


  5. B.B.,
    It sounds like this ol’ gal will launch darts too quickly even at two pumps.
    However, if it gets good accuracy with anything (like even the over-sized lead balls)
    using the “two-pumps-shoot-add-one-pump-shoot-add-one-pump-shoot” method
    then it would make a dandy backyard plinker…good velocity without a ton of pumping…sounds good.
    Enjoy your trip!

  6. B.B.,
    A quick Google search of “typical velocity of Benjamin model 310 bb gun?”
    turned up only 10 results…mostly linked to articles by you, including this one. =>
    When I dropped the word “typical,” I got more results, including this interesting one:


    This one (SKU 8432) says “The velocity was tested at around 688 fps using steel BBs.”
    That’s 5.36 fpe with a 5.1 grain steel BB.

    Yet even more interesting was an old link that wouldn’t load for me for their SKU 6938;
    in the preview pane for that one it said:
    “The Benjamin 310 is a single shot, bolt action, multi-pump pneumatic air rifle with smooth bore …
    The velocity was tested at around 763 fps using steel BBs.”
    That works out to 6.59 fpe…really hot for a smooth-bore BB gun!

    I wish they had mentioned the number of pumps they used;
    yet it still appears that these 310s may have some good horsepower for a BB shooter. =>
    Blessings to all,

  7. BB,

    I’ll post these questions now and will gladly wait until you have more time to answer. What does the inside of the barrel look like at the breech end? Does the front face of the probe butt against a similar face in the barrel? I assume the bore is larger than the hole in the probe, but is it as large as the probe’s O.D. and is there any sort of seal, leather or otherwise, that prevents blow back past the probe?


  8. Anyone,

    This is off topic, but I just watched a video for improving a Discovery’s trigger with a kit that included two small screws that were to be installed in the trigger housing. I don’t know much about the Disco, but that trigger looked like a QB trigger that never had the adjustment screws installed. Is that correct and if so, is that the same trigger that’s in the Fortitude and has it just had its screws left out, as well?


      • GF1,

        My question is really, Will the same mod work on the Fortitude? Is its trigger group drilled and tapped for those screws? If it’s already set up for the screws, why don’t they just put them in in the first place. I would have thought that eliminating the machining required to put in the threaded holes would save more money than leaving out the screws, once you already made the holes.


        • Halfstep
          It’s obvious you never had a Discovery or Maximus.

          The trigger assembly’s are plastic. The bosses are there already.

          All Crosman needed to do to make them is drill out the plastic and run some setscrews in those two holes. You wouldn’t even need to tap the holes if you got the minor thread diameter drilled to the right size.

          It’s just let me the Urban. Why didn’t they just add longer screws to g to the adjustment you want.

          You as well as I know the answer to that. Does anyone know a lawyer?

          And it’s one less liability that Crosman has to deal with when producing the gun. Of all people I figured you would know that by now.

        • Halfstep
          Oh and we don’t know yet if the Fortitude has the same trigger assembly as the Maximus or Discovery.

          I’m betting it does. And they may of added the screws. Everybody is saying the Fortitude is a 2 stage trigger. ???

          I don’t know. I don’t own a Fortitude. And there is no schematics out yet. And I don’t plan on getting a Fortitude.

          So someone is going to have to tell me what trigger group it has and if they did put the screws in.

          • GF1,

            I went to Airgun Depot’s new Definitive Guide page for the Fortitude. They said that with a simple mod they were able to really improve the trigger, so I asked if the mod was to install those screws. They answered that it was, in addition to changing one spring and bending another one that would void the warranty. That sounds like the same mod that you told me about.

            As for why they left the screws out, I think that you are implying that it is for legal reasons, but doesn’t Crosman put the screws in the 2260? I have a QB78, as well, so I may be confusing the two. I may have to look inside the 2260. I got it when I first got back into airgunning and have never had a look because I was afraid. Silly me! I’ll need to peek inside the QB also, just to see if the trigger housing is plastic in it too. And you are correct. I have never owned a Disco or Maxi. The plastic trigger group was a surprise. I assumed it would be die cast pot metal, at least.


            • Half,

              Very good!!!! Already there is conformation and mods. out. It does sound the same. ++++ for that!!! 🙂

              As for single or two stage, I believe it is single. The sear comes down in one move, with no step that is holding it at the last 5-10%.


                • GF1,

                  Ok. I was not disputing that the mod. had not been around already. I was just confirming what you and Half were talking about.

                  And yes, the holes were already there on the Maximus and were the perfect size for a 4-40 to thread right in. I might not have done the mod. if I would have had to drill the holes. Apparently there is 2 different trigger housings out there and they are using them both in the Maximus.

                  Either way, I will not be getting one due to the bolt not flipping.

                  • Chris
                    My Discovery’s I had we’re drilled already.

                    So who knows.

                    But either way they was thinking about making the adjustability happen. They just didn’t because of probably liability reasons. I don’t know.

                    • GF1,

                      I like predictability in what I get. Different trigger housings does not sit well with me. For those of us that know what to do with them,… I do not appreciate the variability.

                  • Chris

                    What is that now days.

                    What probably is happening is the spots are there in the trigger assembly. But they saved cost and time by eliminating one more step in the procedure of the gun.

                    It’s just what happens.

            • Halfstep
              Yep that’s the mod I’m talking about.

              And as far as the 2260 goes. I do believe it has the same trigger group as the Maximus and Discovery. Put I have never owned a 2260. And pull up the schematics of the 2260 and you will be able to see. But heck if you got a 2260 open it up and see. And don’t be afraid they are very simple triggers. 🙂

              As far as the QB series guns. They use a different trigger than the Maximus or Discovery.

        • Half,

          (If) it is the same,…. two 4-40×5/8″ screws, bend the V-spring and swap out the trigger return spring for a lighter one (ball point pen), clean ad re-lube the parts,… done. No tapping or drilling required. The hole size allows the screws to thread right in.

          That is ((IF)) it is the Maximus trigger. Hopefully B.B. can confirm that with a call to Crosman. If confirmed that it is,…. it should actually boost sales even more, since known, proven mods. already exist.


  9. B.B.,

    Great bb gun! I haven’t seen anyone take exception to your not trying only one pump….
    What if you pumped only once from empty? What kind of velocity would that one pump produce and what would the one follow-up pump velocity be? Also will the airgun stabilize (if it retains some, if any, air pressure after the first one pump shot) at some point after the first few makeup one pump cycles? Or is this all airgun heresy to suggest this could be a one pump dart shooter/plinker.


  10. Ted’s Holdover just posted a short video in which he is comparing the Gauntlet and the Fortitude. He is just making some observations about the airguns but has not really done any testing yet. One thing is sure, he hates the bolt on the Gauntlet. Maybe he’s just to use to shooting high end Fxs or Daystates?

    Cheap vs Expensive PCP Airguns (Introduction). Umarex Gauntlet vs Benjamin Fortitude vs FX Crown

    • Geo
      I like my Gauntlet bolt better than the bolt on my Maximus.

      Now since I put the lighter striker spring in my Maximus it’s a much more enjoyable gun to shoot.

      And with the Gauntlet trigger. If your using the single shot tray that comes with the Gauntlet you have to fully cock the gun to the second bolt latch so it holds the bolt back while you load the pellet. That second latching sport is where you start feeling the spring pressure.

      Now on the other hand when I use the magazine that came with my Gauntlet. Then you only have to pull the bolt halfway back to load the next pellet. When done this way the bolt is very easy to pull back.

      And to note both guns bolts have gotten easier over time.

      • GF1,
        I’m with you about the Gauntlet. I have not tried the Maximus but with 500 pellets through the Gauntlet it hes become my new favorite. On your advice I ordered it in .177 and it is so flat shooting with 8.4 grain pellets that there is no change in point of aim from 7 to 37 yards.

        • Gerald
          I’m glad your happy with it.

          And yep on flat shooting. Mine is the same.

          Sometimes when I’m target practicing I have to aim off a little bit just to make sure I’m hitting. One holers are very easy with my Gauntlet at multiple distances.

          I’m waiting for the .25 caliber Gauntlet to be released. If it gets close to the same performance as my .177 Gauntlet I will be a happy camper. Just patiently waiting for it to release right now.

  11. Reposting this for Larry:

    September 21, 2018 at 1:35 pm

    I don’t know if this is correct procedure or not but didn’t see anyplace to make a comment on this item.
    I have a Haenel MOD. 100-D.K.P. That i came across the other day. The handle was taped so the cocking mechanism couldn’t be moved. After i removed the “green” tape i could see why it shouldn’t be cycled. There is a pivot pin on the frame that is missing for one thing. Not sure why the handles come off so easily, they are wood of course. I’ve not done anything to try to clean it to see what the color is, whether it’s the brassy or blued skin.
    It only has a rear site so if there was a front one it looks like it was ground off in some matter. Other than having a Daisy from about 20 years ago i have no interest in this piece of iron.
    Comments/questions welcome, I can take some pictures and send them along if anyone wants to see them.

    Cochise, AZ.

  12. Hi all,…. picked up some new shooting related goodies at the local Rural King,…




    The seat may go back if I can not get it to swivel easier. The bags I got are the filled set and look forwards to trying them. The desiccant is for the 5 micron air filter on my low pressure compressor.

    On the desiccant, the can has orange beads inside that are about 3/16″ in diameter. They turn green when saturated. Stick in oven at 225* for 3-4 hours on a cookie tray. Re-use. I have never drained anything from the filter, not even a mist. The filter jar screws off and can be filled. For those not familiar with the product, the entire can is meant to be put into a gun safe to absorb any moisture that may rust things. I just wanted the beads, as I have no safe.

    I would like to home make a high pressure filter. One idea I had is to get a PCP air tube with the Foster fill nipple at one end. THEN?????????,…. (maybe) the other end will accept a fill nipple as well? Yes? The tube could be pistol sized or rifle sized. Fill with the beads and done. I would put some sort of media at each end to prevent the beads from entering either fill port. Something from the Crosman part line might work? Their aftermarket parts are quite reasonable,…. or at least that was the case. Now?,.. since the re-name and buy-out?

    Tomorrow is shooting day. 🙂 !!!!!! Very nice weather here for a change. I do not do heat and high humidity well anymore. Today was seasonal chores plus mow. Swap 10 gallons gas, drain and swap new gas in generator and chain saw and run both. Time to chill with some cold ones and maybe do some GHOST PEPPER hot sauce! Already have made several batches of salsa with the ghost. As an initial test,…. one 24 oz. jar of salsa, 1 large ghost, minced fine (seeds, ribs and all), cook, re-jar. Just right,.. as I could fill a chip to the brim and not need a cool down remedy and could eat several in a row.


    • Chris,
      You may not do hot weather well but you are a mad man with the heat in salsa. I do not have a tolerance for a lot of heat in spices. I always choose the mild stuff. My pepper in the garden each year is sweet banana. They are all for me as the wife does not do peppers of any flavor.

      • Participant,

        Got bored,… 12 oz. of stone ground mustard and 12 oz. of Dijon mustard, mixed, on the stove (now), with 4 finely minced medium sized ghost. We shall see. 🙂 Like air guns,… I like to push the limits on food as well!


        • Chris,
          I understand, the peppers are done for the season here but I am not quite done working on a new favorite recipe. It has sour kraut and asiago cheese with my peppers.

          • Participant,

            Sauerkraut and Asiago and Peppers,…. toss in some Italian sausage and you got you a Philly pork-steak sandwich. Caramelized onions as well. Asiago is at the top of my list, aged 12 months+. Sharp Swiss is right there with it. 😉


    • Chris
      I was thinking about asking if you ever made it back to Rural King.

      Interested to see what you think about your new toys. 🙂

      And just thought I would mention. Dave with the RAI stocks and adapters called me yesterday day. Guess what he was doing. Setting up a Huma regulator in a 30 caliber bottled Marauder.

      He fills with a big bottle and kept using his air supply up taking out and putting the regulator back in trying to get the regulator set. So we used my China compressor to keep filling.

      Long story short he had a aftermarket hi-flow valve in the gun. It kept leaking down rapidly out of the transfer port hole. And that was with the striker and spring out of the gun. So he’s got a valve that ain’t sealing right.

      But anyway he said to say hey to us that know him on BB’s blog.

      • Gf1,

        Awesome! I wish him the very best and it is good that you two are still in contact. I LOVE my M-rod set-up from RAI.

        The seat got a die-electric silicone lube and all is well. The Caldwell bags are stuffed (to the hilt) with “brass polishing media”. They are SUPER stiff and some will need removed. They ARE made to do just that. They are like balloons that are ready to pop. Better over-filled, than under-filled,.. I guess?

        It will be interesting to see if the desiccant changes color and how soon. Did you read the air tube idea? Is there air tubes that a Foster fitting could be screwed into at either/both ends?


        • Chris
          Yep on the RAI stuff.

          And yep again on your shooting bag. And the bucket seats is interesting.

          And no. I don’t know what you mean on the air tube idea. Copy and paste what the conversation was hear or explain. Not sure I know what you mean without more details.

          • GF1,

            Like a Maximus air tube, or even a pistol version.,…. order an tube with the Foster fitting and order another Foster fitting for the (other end). Is there tubes that fill to 3000 psi that will accept a Foster fitting at ((both)) ends?????

            If so,…. order parts, fill with desiccant beads and you are good to go on a HP moisture air filter.


            • Chris
              Ok I see what your saying.

              There are air tubes that have threads on both ends. One end will have the fill fitting. The other end has the right fitting screwed into it to accept the gun it attaches to.

              So if the threads were correct on each end yes you could make a air dryer out of something like that.

              It would just take research to find out what threads and fittings would match up and work.

              Sounds like a good idea to me if the threads and fittings would work out.

              • GF1,

                To me,… it would make sense,… from a manufacturing efficiency aspect,… that the same threads on each end would be a time and cost saver????? Really? No one has done this yet?

                That is assuming that the threads are,.. in fact the same.

                That is all I am looking for,…. a cheap way to make a HP air dryer,… and be (safe) in doing so. Hey,…. I have all of these well chiseled, super male model, good looks to think about,…. ya’ know? 😉

  13. Hey TT if your listening.

    The big boys are in my home town this weekend if you know what I mean. The Gateway Nationals.

    I’m about 15 miles east of the track. I could hear the funy cars and top fuel dragsters laying down their thunder today. It’s been around 70° all day today. I’m sure they are setting records today. They always do when they come to St.Louis.

    Anyway just thought I would mention. Wether you see or not. And yes just hearing it makes the blood get flowing. And it would be all over if I was there smelling the burning nitro and rubber.

    I got to stay away or I’m gonna be in trouble.

      • TT
        Yep that’s n the qualifying.

        And yep I’ll have to check it out on the tube too.

        Too bad they haven’t figured out how to get the smell of the fuel and rubber on the TV yet.

              • TT
                Either way. Qualifying or eliminations I want to see it.

                If only get to watch the eliminations at least they should post if their was any record set in the classes.

                I wonder how low in the 3’s they are running now. And what mile per hours. Close to 400 mph in the quarter I wonder. And from what I remember they shut down early and don’t even run a quarter mile anymore after the crashes. Heck they always was done after a bit over the 1/8th anyway. Their just costing after that.

                But yep will be interesting to see.

                • GF

                  Hope you get those channels . I have Dish. It bounces back and forth between the two fox sports channels all day.

                  They are only running 1,000 ft anymore from what I understand . Making 330 mph now.


                  • TT
                    I got dish too. No cable out here yet.

                    And yep that’s what I remember too. 1000 feet.

                    And I still don’t see how John Force can peddle a run that’s only lasting 4 seconds at the most.

                    He’s got to be tap dancing that go peddle if you know what I mean.

                  • TT
                    Man I remember the pressure and stress that goes through the mind on that last eliminating run. Of course on a much smaller scale for me then what they encounter.

                    But you mind nbrings everything up. You wonder if the fuel was mixed right. Then is the engine and clutch and tires and everything else is going to work. Did I do the burn out the same. Did I stage the same.

                    There’s more thought that can play with your mind before the run than the actual time that the run takes.

                    Definitely gets in you. But it all goes away when you hit the go peddle. Smiles and fumes after the light says green. 🙂

  14. Interesting review BB!
    I just bought myself a Benjamin model 317 with a curved bolt handle from my local Canadian AirGun oldies guru, Mr Marvin “the AirGun Guy” on Friday, and expect delivery on Monday 🙂
    It is apparently shooting lead pellets around 450 fps with 8 pumps, so I will probably need to clean it and oil the seals etc.. to get it shooting closer to its potential.
    All he black finish on the metal has worn off the brass, but other than that it looks well loved and used but in good condition.
    I will search your blog for tips on caring for this pumper. I recall a past posting you did on either the 312 or 317.

    • My new/old model 317 arrived today & it shot 9.6 grain Gamo armour? pellets(the ones that are hollow point with steel shot embedded in the hollow point) across my chronograph around 505 fps with 8 pumps and Crosman fast flight sabot type 5.4 grain lead free pellets around 620 fps with 8 pumps, so this old AirGun has more punch than I expected, based on the sellers claim.

    • Geo,

      Fine work. I knew it would not be long before someone got inside there. And yes, that is the (exact) same trigger mech. as the Maximus and the exact thing(s) that I did. I do not recall any video as good for doing the Maximus. This shows everything that needs done.

      One note,… trace the V spring before and after bending to have a reference. No pliers required,… just bend both legs inward and let off. I used a protractor as well to put some numbers to the procedure. On mine,… 130* stock, 121* was too light and 124* was just right.

      Thanks again,… Chris

      • You are most welcome…
        I am not particularly interested in the Fortitude, only as how it compares to my Urban. But I know there are many others here in the blog who are very interested in it and contemplating owning one. I am subscribed to many airgun YouTubers and I receive notifications by email whenever they post a video. So when I saw those notifications in my email today my first thought was to post links to them here for those interested. It is interesting to hear the differing opinions on airguns. Ted’s Holdover review is still in the works and should be interesting as he is going to compare the Gauntlet and Fortitude to each other, and then both of them compared to his FXs. Wow! $300 guns compared to $1500 guns. Would you compare your Maximus to your Red Wolf…really? As they say, sometimes you get what you pay for. So set your expectations accordingly, right? Have a good one Chris.

      • GF1,

        Just turned ((32)) GHOST peppers into what should be less than 10 oz. of hot sauce. For reference,… a (small) bottle of Red Hot brand hot sauce is a 5 oz. bottle.

        Should I send you a sample? 😉 No A-1 version,….. just straight up and pure ghostly heat!

        Disclaimer:,….. Don’t try this at home kiddies. Highly trained hot pepper aficionado at work here. 🙂

        • Chris
          Nice with the sauce.

          And sure I would love a sample. Me and my oldest daughter loved the last batch you sent. Definitely better than any we have bought at the store. Good stuff. 🙂

          • GF1,

            I have yet to sample it,…. but this stuff might just take your head,.. clean off!!!!! 😉 I am taking one to work tomorrow and see if I can “bait” some Guinee pigs into trying it. 🙂

            I will see what I can do on getting a 2 oz. your way,…..

            $30.00 plus S+H,…… A check would be just fine. 😉

            • Chris
              Email me your address again just to make sure incase I can’t find it.

              But got to work tonight. So got to go get a bit of sleep. But I will send the money when you email me your address.

              • GF1,

                For real dude???? Just jokin’ wit’ ya’,…. Maybe something for Christmas,…..? I got 50+ off the Ghost plant so far and might get another 30. This one is coming in for the Winter,.. FOR SURE! That thing will be a small tree next year!

                I will do shiny bulbs and Christmas lights and all on it!!! Not a tinsel fan,.. 😉

                Dang,…. I already got 1 customer willing to go $30, plus S+H,.. for 2 oz.,….. I am (for sure) in the wrong business! 😉


                • Chris
                  That plant is doing good. Yep you need to bring that one in. Is that the he one you started inside last year?

                  And ok for Christmas. But it don’t have to be whole 2 oz. bottle if you don’t want.

                  And I bet you could sell your hot sauce. Definitely had good flavor on the last bunch.

                  • GF1,

                    The 1 Ghost was new this year. The 2 Cayenne (planted as one) were (not) started indoors,.. they are last years plants. Both are coming in this Winter. The other 6 new Cayenne’s did awful.

                    Flavor? We’ll see. With 8 Ghost in 2 oz., it may just be a hot sauce that you can only use a few drops of in a big pot of chili. Maybe I will be able to bait someone into trying it at work today? ;0

                    • Chris
                      What I like is the flavor the Cayenne peppers have.

                      Does the Ghost pepper hot you made have flavor or is it just got.

                      Maybe I don’t want the Ghost pepper sauce. Maybe the Cayenne hot sauce is what I’m looking for.

                      And let me know if you get anyone to try it at work and how that goes.

                  • GF1,

                    Well, several people tried it. Place cracker on bottle,.. invert bottle with cracker held in place,.. turn bottle upright,.. remove cracker. That little bit left on the cracker is about all you want. If you had a gallon of chili, you might use 10 (drops). It is not a hot sauce that you just splash on. I gave one 2 oz. bottle away and the other three 2 oz. bottles ought to last me the next 30 years. This is something that you probably do not want. Flavor?,…. all said it was good,… while heading straight for water. 😉 I did it twice and did no drink just fine,.. but that is my limit.

                    Hey,… I just had to try it to see how it would turn out. It looked like lava cooking down during the reduction step. Now,… what to do with the other 30 or so left on the plant???

                    • Chris
                      Yep I like hot but that’s probably more hot than I like.

                      And maybe you should mix some of the Cayenne peppers with those Ghost peppers. Maybe that will mellow them out a bit. Probably not though.

    • RR,

      I like the worn down to the brass look myself. And hey,… you pay less because it is not 100%. I am purposely avoiding the vintage market. That might prove to be the deep end of the pool for me. 😉


        • RR,

          🙂 I know me,…. I gravitate towards the good stuff and oddities (read $$$$). Hence my strong hesitation to even look much. Like you, I like to hold the herd’s head count down. I have more fine stuff than I can give proper attention to now as it is,…. and that is only 3.


          • Chris,

            Good for you. Not counting the antiques, I have six and I am trying to sell one right now. Later I may try to sell another one, but I will probably pick up another one along the way. We’ll see.

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