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Remington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica Revolver

Remington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica Revolver

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Remington 1875 BB/pellet revolver

  • Dual ammo
  • 6rd cylinder with reusable BB and pellet cartridges
  • Faux ivory grip
  • Single-action
  • Nickel finish
  • Functional hammer, loading gate, and extractor
  • Removable cylinder
  • 6.5" Smooth bore barrel (Internal Length, External dimension is 7.25")
  • 13" overall length
  • Velocity up to 410 fps
  • Includes 6 BB and 6 pellet cartridges, but both will accept either ammo.

After the Civil War, Remington revolutionized firearm ammunition with a cartridge conversion of its Model 1858 Army in 1869. The metallic cartridge-loading revolver was soon bested by Smith & Wesson’s new topbreak model in 1872 and Colt’s Peacemaker in 1873. Two years later E. Remington & Sons came blazing back with the new Model 1875; it was to become one of the most famous guns of the Old West.

This six gun is now available as a .177 BB/Pellet CO2 revolver. This nickel-plated replica joins the Colt Peacemaker and S&W Schofield No. 3 to create a trio of legendary Western arms in CO2 versions. The Model 1875 bears the Remington name and the classic lines that made it popular with cowboys, lawmen and outlaws alike, including Jesse and Frank James.

The CO2 models have the unmistakable styling evolved from Remington's 1858 Army Model. The Model 1875 loads like a real single action revolver with each BB or pellet cartridge inserted separately into the cylinder chambers through the loading gate on the right side of the frame. (Since the shells are loaded one at a time, speed loaders cannot be used). Once you're fully loaded, this gun is excellent for plinking cans and paper targets in your backyard.

The Remington Model 1875 CO2 revolver pays homage to the old west, and one of the most famous handguns in American history.

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Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity410 fps
Barrel Length6.5"
Overall Length13.0"
Shot Capacity6
BarrelSmooth bore
Front SightBlade
Rear SightFixed
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Trigger ActionSingle-Action
Body TypePistol
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Weight2.3 lbs

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5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By Richard from USA on 2017-08-31
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4.02 ratings

Verified Purchase

Things I liked: Before I get into my review of this classic replica I should tell you that I do not purchase replicas for their power and accuracy. I buy them because I love replicas; particularly, classic old west replicas. I own five old west replicas; 2 Colt 45 BB Peacemakers, one weathered John Wane Colt Peacemaker, a 7.5" Colt Army Peacemaker, a Schofield Revolver, and now the just added Remington 1875 model. I love them all and use them for fun shooting often. However, when I want velocity and accuracy I reach for my Dessert Eagle every time. With that said, I was excited to add that Remington to my collection and have already had loads of fun putting it through its paces on my home range. Here are my Crony results:

Things I would have changed: Pellet Testing High Velocity: 291.7 fps Low Velocity: 267.0 fps Range: 24.7 Median Velocity: 279.95 fps Mean Velocity: 281.88 fps Variance: 56.448 Standard Deviation: 7.5132 BB Testing High Velocity: 390.2 fps Low Velocity: 365.2 fps Range: 25.0 Median Velocity: 373.45 fps Mean Velocity: 373.79 fps Variance: 42.283 Standard Deviation: 6.5025

What others should know: Accuracy was reasonably good, with pellet shots going a little high and to the left. BBs tended to simply go slightly high. Both did the same consistently. Easily correctable by sighting corrections. Better velocity with BBs. I am really not interested in the advertised velocity of 450 fps, since I know that this can be achieved by carefully controlled conditions and using very light 5.0 grain pellets under ideal temperature conditions. I do not shoot under ideal conditions. I shoot under average, everyday ambient conditions in my basement range and outdoors under whatever weather conditions exist at the time. Nor do I use expensive, precision ammunitions. I use 7.4 grain wadcutter pellets and off the shelf BBs. My testing is to provide a record of the average results that I can expect. With my CO2 collection, I like to have fun and this Remington 1875 Revolver fills the bill perfectly. It is a fine replica in every way, weight, feel and balance. You'll love it.

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Don from USA on 2017-08-30
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5.03 ratings

Things I liked: mine arrived today, disappointed with cheap packaging the gun was in, gun overall looks great, weight is good, gun finish is great, cylinder is tight, hammer cocking is smooth, trigger pull is smooth, grips are good as I have large hands, fit and feel is nice, gun shoots great with bb's didn't try pellets as of yet. I have a crosman Shiloh 1861, and this Remington is a great addition to compliment that gun, showing how far these guns have evolved.

Things I would have changed: nothing

What others should know: just be safe and shoot often


5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By James from USA on 2017-08-27
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5.02 ratings

Verified Purchase

Things I liked: I am happy that this finally arrived. I am a big fan of single action six guns. I own 15 of them in everything from .22 to .45LC with a couple of percussion, too. I have owned the Duke Colt for about a year now and been quite pleased with it. I shoot it a lot. I was really anxious to get this Remington out and compare it with the Colt. My first impressions were very positive. The parts appear to be very well made. There are no rough edges. The grip panels have a nice tight fit. Nothing feels loose if you give it a good shake. Cocking the hammer is smooth with the appropriate clicks. It feels like you are holding onto a real gun. It is hard to call this one a toy like it is so easy to do with some of the plastic BB pistols out there. I have an EMF reproduction of this Remington in .45LC. I compared them side by side. The CO2 weighs 2 lbs 4.8 ozs with the cartridges. My EMF only weighs 5.4 ozs more. For comparison, the Colt is 2 lbs 2.5 ozs. I like the pellets and BBs

Things I would have changed: The grip is big. It feels really big after picking up MY EMF. It extends over 1/4" lower at the flared base. It is fatter throughout the midsection. I'm not sure why they chose to do that, but it is a lot bigger than any six gun I own. It's much bigger than the Colt CO2, which is very close in size to my others. Although it is really noticeable, I was able to handle and shoot it well. It might be an issue for shooters with smaller hands and youth. I would have liked to see the grip in a more realistic size. I would like to see a realistic blued version with faux wood grips. I'd dream about a case-hardened frame appearance, too. I'm not a big fan of "Remington" and "1875" in big letters (on the left side of the one I received). It's kind of like tattoos on a beautiful woman. That's the only thing that makes this look like a toy. The packaging was the cheap clear plastic common with Crosman pieces. This gun is worthy of better packaging.

What others should know: I test fired this against the Colt at 25 ft from a bag rest. The Colt put six shots in 2-1/4" around the point of aim. With BB's, the Remington grouped 5 shots in 1-1/4" (I pulled to the side on the 6th). Pellets weren't as good. I put my first six in a 3-1/2" group. I tried again and got 2-3/4". Both groups hit much lower than the point of aim. They were up to 4" low. The best shot was 1-1/2" low. I do like being able to shoot both, but I liked the initial accuracy from the BBs. All testing was with freshly installed CO2. It decocks like it should. Just hold the hammer and gently let it down while pulling the trigger and pointing it in a safe direction. All-in-all, this is a great value. It is about as good of a historical reproduction as we can expect, especially in this price class. I am quite pleased with mine. I use my Colt to pester raccoons that wander into our yard. It doesn't hurt them, but they usually decide to move on after getting six taps on the rump!

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  • Ron from Canada asked:

    Will crosman snr 357 shells work in the 1875

    • john from United Kingdom asked:

      will this pistol ever be available in the uk?

      • swamprocker57 from USA asked:

        Why no screws to hold the pistol grips in place, are they glued on? Are the grips with no screws historically accurate? Not trying to nitpick, looks like a nice pistol. Thanks!

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        Item Description

        REM-RR1875 [PY-4309-8324]

        Included:6 BB cartridges, 6 pellet cartridges
        Caliber0.177" (4.5mm)
        Max Velocity410 fps

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