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Ammo Crosman 2240 conversion to air: Part 2

Crosman 2240 conversion to air: Part 2

by Tom Gaylord, a.k.a. B.B. Pelletier

Crosman 2240 conversion to air: Part 1
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WARNING: This conversion changes the operation of the pistol to use air at up to three times the pressure it was designed for. The parts that are installed are strong, but there are other parts in the gun that aren’t changed and could fail when subjected to the higher pressures. Pyramyd AIR advises against making such a conversion. This report is for information, only.

Crosman 2240 air conversion
My Crosman 2240 has been converted to operate on high-pressure air.

This report covers:

• Where we are
• Before filling the first time
• Shooting the gun
• Crosman Premier pellets
• RWS Hobby pellets
• RWS Superdome pellets
• What comes next

Let’s look at what the conversion to air did for the Crosman 2240. Boy, was there ever a lot of discussion on that report! I think this may be one of the all-time most popular subjects on this blog.

Where we are
Here’s where I am with this subject. The 2240 is now converted. I plan to test it with 2,000 psi air today, and I do not plan to go higher. This is a test of what’s out there and some of the things that can be done with a 2240, but I’m not in the business of hotrodding this pistol. Many other folks are doing that very well; so, if you are interested in what’s possible, read what they have to say.

Today, I’m going to test the pistol with the conversion but with the stock striker spring still installed. In other words, if you simply screwed the tube into the gun and did nothing else (the front sight still has to come off to clear the tube), this is what you’ll get. I did change the face seal, which is why I disassembled the pistol in the previous report; but that wasn’t strictly necessary, since I am pressurizing to only 2,000 psi. I did it just to show how the entire kit is installed.

Before filling the first time
Before filling the gun, which is now done through the male Foster nipple on the end of the air tube, I put several drops of silicone chamber oil into the fill nipple. It came to me bone-dry, and I wanted all the seals inside the unit to get a coating of this oil. Then, I connected the gun to my carbon fiber air tank and slowly filled it to 2,000 psi. I say slowly, but as small as this air tube/reservoir is, it fills pretty fast. It probably took only 15-20 seconds to fill it all the way. You want to go as slowly as as possible to keep heat from building.

When I bled the air connection in the hose, the inlet valve in the air tube remained open and all the air bled out. So, I refilled it and bled it a second time. This time, it sealed as it should — thanks to the oil, I believe.

Shooting the gun
It was now time to test the gun. I had no idea what it was going to do, but I left my hearing protection off to hear if the first shot was loud. It wasn’t. Perhaps the gun is a little louder than it is when using CO2, but the difference is not that great. Of course, I used eye protection for the chronographing session, because the pellet trap is so close. I use a trap with duct seal to keep the rebounds down and the noise to a minimum.

Crosman Premier pellets
The first pellet I tested was the 14.3-grain Crosman Premier dome. I should add that I shoot only the pellets from the cardboard box, which is why I link to them, only. We were informed several months ago that Crosman planned to stop selling Premiers in the cardboard box and I stocked up on them. But I see they’re still available.

Back in 2010, I did a test of the CO2 2240 pistol, so I have the recorded velocities for this exact pistol on CO2. It averaged 448 f.p.s. with Crosman Premiers. On 2000 psi air, the first shot was 468 f.p.s. It increased to a maximum of 492 f.p.s. by shot 7 and dropped back to 466 f.p.s. by shot 15. At the end of the string, the gun was still holding 1200 psi of air pressure. The average velocity of 15 shots was 486 f.p.s., which means air boosted the average velocity of this pellet by 39 f.p.s.

RWS Hobby pellets
Next up were 11.9-grain RWS Hobby pellets. When the pistol was running on CO2, these pellets averaged 482 f.p.s. On 2000 psi air, they started at 515 f.p.s. and increased to 537 f.p.s. by shot 9. The velocity droped back down to 511 f.p.s. by shot 16. The average velocity for this string of 16 shots was 525 f.p.s. — a 43 f.p.s. increase on air. The remaining pressure was 1200 psi, once again.

RWS Superdome pellets
The final pellet I tested was the 14.5-grain RWS Superdome. When the pistol ran on CO2, Superdomes averaged 455 f.p.s. On 2000 psi air, they started at 470 f.p.s. and drifted up to 495 f.p.s. by shot 7. They dropped back down to 467 f.p.s. by shot 16. The average velocity was 483 f.p.s., an increase of 28 f.p.s. over CO2.

Notice that the gun performs similarly, regardless of what pellet was tested. The curve starts out slow, builds to the maximum quickly and then drops back to the starting point just as quickly. The three pellets gave a total shot count of 15, 16 and 16, respectively.

What comes next?
I can’t test the pistol for accuracy as it is right now because the front sight has no clearance to be re-installed. And the plastic 2240 receiver does not have a scope base on the receiver. Decision time.

I could get a steel breech for the 2240 from Pyramyd AIR. While it will not accept the 2240 rear sight, it does have 11mm dovetails for a scope. That’ll work with the barrel that’s on the gun right now; but if I get a longer barrel, I’ll get a little more velocity from this same setup. So, I ordered a 14.5-inch barrel from an eBay vendor.

There are a number of different ways this can go with these parts, so I will wait to see what seems best once I have them.

WARNING: This conversion changes the operation of the pistol to use air at up to three times the pressure it was designed for. The parts that are installed are strong, but there are other parts in the gun that aren’t changed and could fail when subjected to the higher pressures. Pyramyd AIR advises against making such a conversion. This report is for information, only.

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Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

121 thoughts on “Crosman 2240 conversion to air: Part 2”

  1. I’m kinda surprised that it took 2000psi to equal Co2,then again I guess Co2 must just about double in volume as it expands from liquid to gas.I’ve been chompin’ at the bit to get back on this project!


  2. I guess if you wanted it to be a true “convertible”, a dot sight could be used in both pistol and carbine modes without any adjustments necessary, due to no magnification/parallax.

    • Pop’s whats up. Haven’t talked with you in a while. Seen you makes some replies but never got into a conversation like we use to have in the past.

      My 23” Disco barreled 2240 in.177 cal. is making around 12fpe. and the 15” barrel in .22 cal. is making around 9fpe. I think the .22 cal would raise though if the barrel was a bit longer. I’m thinking somewhere around 18” would be the better length for the .22 cal. And I have been thinking about getting a .22 cal. Disco barrel to try. They are around 23” in .177 and .22 cal.

      • Thanks GF1. I am well. I enjoy speaking with you. Hope all is copacetic on the home front. Thanks for sharing info on your creations. Good luck with the .25 conversion. Sounds like a lot of fun! That is a huge shot count on a buddy bottle! Do disco valves fit this gun? Would that increase power?

        • Pop’s
          The Disco valve would fit but you would have to do a little work to the main air tube. You would have to drill additional side holes so you could put screws in there to hold the valve in place. The 2240 uses only the bottom hole. The Disco valve uses 3 holes.

          But there is a problem if you still want to use the hi-pac system. The disco valve does not have that flat red or black face seal in it for the Co2 cartridge end to seal on any more. It just has a open hole at the back of the Disco valve. Remember its like bulk filling when you fill up a Disco. It doesn’t need any where for a cartridge to seal.

          So it would take some work to get the Disco valve to work with the hi-pac. And I don’t think it would give more power. If I remember right the Disco valve and the 2240 valve have the same size transfer port opening in the valve. Also they both use the same transfer port orifice that goes between the valve and the barrel.

          But buldawgs got a nice little trick that opens up the air flow from the valve to the barrel. I will be doing his mod when I build a .25 cal. version. He uses plastic refrigerator tubing to replace the steel orifice that Crosman uses. And I think he opens up the hole in the valve also. Hopefully he reads this reply and he can explain it more.

          • Gunfun
            Read the info I sent to Pop’s about the ice maker tubing below your reply to him where you mentioned me and if you have any more question about it just message me.

            Have a good night at work if work can be considered good LOL.


        • Pop’s
          Hey this is buldawg76 that Gunfun mentioned to you. I agree with him that I don’t think using a disco valve would give you any benefit of more power over the stock 2240 valve and would require way more work than it would be worth to gain any power from it.

          One trick that I use and that Gunfun mentioned is in place of the rubber seal and metal transfer port bushing that crosman uses I replace those two parts with plastic refrigerator ice maker water line tubing that can be bought at any hardware store for about 20 cents a foot or less. it is 1/4 inch OD and 3/16 inch ID, the stock crosman seal and bushing are also 1/4 inch OD but are 5/32 inch ID. So what I do is open the hole in the transfer port of the valve and barrel up to 3/16 inch ID, then cut the tubing to .050 thousands of an inch longer than length of the rubber seal and transfer bushings length when added together so that when the breech/barrel is fastened back on the air tube the tubing will be crushed slightly and make a good seal between the barrel and valve. I also spot face the barrel and valve seats about .020 to .030 inches deeper to help contain the tubing at it sealing area better, but it is not really necessary for it to work, I just do it to allow me to now that the tubing will not be blown out when I pump my 2289 or old 1400 up to 25 pumps to get max power from them. You gain 1.32 inch in ID and is way cheaper to replace than the stock parts are, you can experiment with the length to suit you needs without costing much. How I insure a square flat cut on the tubing is to slide it over the smooth end of a 3/16 inch drill bit and use a small tubing cutter like the one they sell at auto parts stores to cut steel brake lines with. that allows you to get a clean square cut to what ever length needed easily and repeatable.

          I am not sure of how deep the seat on a 2240 valve is, but if it is about 20 to 30 thousands of an inch deep like the one for the 760s are you do not need to spot face the valve. I did it on my 2289 because the seat of the valve was only like .005 thousands of an inch deep at I did not feel that it was enough to contain the tubing from blowing out from the high pressures that I develop from 25 pumps. the barrel needs to be done because it has a chamfered seat to center the steel transfer bushing in the barrel and mate to the chamfer on the bushing. If you do not have the equipment to do the spot facing any gunsmith shop can do it fairly cheaply. My gunsmith charged me 20 bucks a piece to do the work for me on my two guns.

          Let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Looks like it’ll need a longer barrel to fit a muzzle brake. I guess I’ll keep mine in stock co2 since I like the pistol form. A bulk fill cap might be nice though…


  4. BB
    One thing I don’t think you mentioned unless I over looked it. Leak down. If the gun leaked any air over night or even for a longer period of time.

    I will just say real quick that both of the 2240’s that I have converted now do not leak. I left the stock red/orange seal in the valve and used the original striker spring that I had in the guns with the Co2 as well as the original spring inside the air valve. (I did not take the valve out of the gun). I filled both of them to 2000 psi when I stopped shooting Sunday. They are still at exactly 2000 psi tonight when I just went out and checked them. No leak down. That to me is a good start for the hi-pac.

    And I was kind of holding off about saying anything about the conversion until you did this next report. But it sounds kind of like you left it to be a open discussion this time even more so with the comment about hot rodding the gun and what other people are doing. So I definitely have more to say. And its all good news so far.

      • BB
        That will be good because I plan on building another one and running it at the 3000psi. So I will be putting the black seal in that one.

        So I would like to know how that black seal is doing in yours as far as leak down goes at the 2000psi fill that you are using.

  5. May I be so bold as to strenuously suggest you get the steel breech? The stock rear sight isn’t worth a plug nickel anyway and the upgraded breech greatly improves quality, utility and heft.

    • SL
      Agree 100%. I wish Crosman would do away with the plastic breech on the 2240 and 1377/22 pistols and any of the other guns that use that plastic breech. To me its useless and it ruins a good gun.

      Crosman please start making them with the steel breech.

          • Gunfun
            I also agree with a steel breach, when I first got my 2289 I pumped it up to I think 15 pumps just to see where the valve lock point was and when fired it deformed the edge of the plastic breech where the pressure escaped past the rubber transfer port seal and did have enough air left to fire another shot.

            That’s when I ordered a steel breech and 18 inch barrel. Crosman needs to add the pumper to the custom shop along with the CO2 guns and make their own HPA custom conversation as an option their also.


            • buldawg
              if you use these Crosman part numbers for the Disco barrels they come from them 23 and a half inches long. Here is the part numbers. Are you sure you have a disco barrel?

              .177 cal. is 1760SE-001

              .22 cal. is 2260SE-001

              And read up above Pop’s SLR was asking about increasing the power on the 2240 conversion. I told him I was going to use your refrigerator tubing mod when I do a .25 cal. version.

              • Gunfun
                I know your are off to work now so I don’t expect a reply until later. Yes the 18 inch barrel on my 2289 is a disco barrel I got off ebay already cut and crowned because it has the machined flat on it where the barrel band set screw would seat. I also put a 24 inch disco barrel on my old 1400 when I rebuilt it and found the original 20 inch barrel had no rifling left from the who knows how many pellets I shot through it as a kid hunting in the islands of Florida as a kid. I got the steel breech’s from crosman with the 24 inch barrel at one time and put one breech on my 2289 and had the other modified to fit on my 1400. they are both 22 cal. I assumed the barrel on the 1400 is 24 inch, but it may be only 23 and 1/2 as I never actually measured it.

                I will be up late tonight so you can get back to me when you get home from work if you want. talk to you later and I want to know more about your Hi-pac conversations as well.


                • buldawg you metioned some about your break barrel yesterday.

                  And it is nice to have one around so you dont have to do all the pumping and fillimg aint it.
                  But you like the way it shoots?

                  • Gunfun
                    Yes it is nice not to have to pump or fill just do some quick fun shooting. I like my new break barrel a whole lot, it is very accurate on my backyard range and hits real hard, if I put two pellets in the same spot on the washing machine metal I use for a backstop it puts a hole thru the metal on the second pellet.

                    I did not expect that much from a low priced gun, but it is much better than I expected and shoots real smooth for a cheap springer, no twang or buzz at all. I think it will become my gun of choice for plinking in my backyard. I know my g-kids will like it because of the power and accuracy.

                    I have been converted to the simplicity of spring guns.

                    Getting my scope mounted on my Hatsan right now so if it doesn’t rain sat I will be sighting it in at 50 yards along with my springer and AR at 100 yards, hope for no rain.


                  • Gunfun
                    I hope it doesn’t rain also at least not both days so I can get the shooting and sighting in done.

                    I will give you an update as soon as I get done and back home. I have been waiting to long now after getting my Hatsan to have to wait because of rain. If nothing else I will shoot it out back between rain showers to see how much the moderator helps. Oh and by the way it was not from the UK as I thought the mailing address was from Poland. It was still half the price of a tko and that’s is including shipping, it is made by Hatsan also.


                    • buldawg
                      I got to work Saturday. But Im off tommorow and Sunday. So I plan on getting some shooting in tomorrow.

                      They say its suppose to be nice here and the wind is suppose to be 3mph out of the ESE. Thats a perfect wind derection from where Im located at. It will come from behind and to the right oof where I shoot from.

                      The even better thing about that is the hill and woods will block the wind. It should be dead calm for me tommorow if the weather man is right.

                  • Gunfun
                    I forgot to tell you that moderator is 8 1/4 inches long so with the 23 inch barrel and another 8 inches it makes the barrel over 31 inches long, I removed the front and rear sights so it looks pretty cool with that 8 inch moderator at the end of the barrel.

                    I will shoot in back yard some tomorrow also so I can let you know how it helps with the repoprt also,


  6. B.B.,

    I have to wonder if this gun warrants such efforts unless the only goal is to see if it can be done. Does the 2240 have such a good shot cycle, trigger and accuracy as to justify the time, money and effort to do this? To me it certainly isn’t very attractive; however, if you lengthen the barrel that would help. It doesn’t appear to me that the increased FPS is worth it cause it’s not that much.

    On another note. Part one shows the face seal with what looks like the CO2 piercing pin slightly shown in the center of it. I have a Custom Shop 2400 KT that no longer pierces the CO2 cartridge. Can I replace it using the same procedures shown here for the 2240? Where do I get the part if I can?

    • G&G
      Read my comments about the experience I had with my 2240 conversions. And I can even hot rod the power up some more if I want with just little tricks.

    • If you’re satisfied with the gun on CO2, this conversion will still let you use it! With a stronger spring and power adjuster it becomes a very flexible gun. I have 3 extensions on mine, I can get around 150 shots at around 10 fpe on one bulk Co2 fill. Then I can fill it with hpa and dial it up to about 20fpe for about 30 shots.

      • That’s what I like so much about this system! Increased shot count by bulk filling and when you have access to HPA, almost double the power.I intend to run bulk Co2 while saving for the pump, which at the rate things are going will probably be a couple years. I sure wish I’d not scrapped that scuba tank I had a couple years ago!

      • Diaboloslinger
        Glad to know you can still get lead pellets and hate to hear that the evil big brother is trying to take them away from you. Just can’t understand why our gov’t thinks it has to protect us from ourselves.

        I like to hear that you have done the Hi-pac conversation and how it worked out for you. I am in the process of selling stuff on ebay to get the funds to convert my 2289 to the Hi-pac, it has steel breech and 18 inch disco barrel so I will get the Hi-pac with two extensions. I am the type of airgunner that likes as much power as possible and still be accurate. And not having to pump my 2289 to get max power would be much better as I have modded mine to allow me to pump any number of pumps with full dump of all air in the valve.


      • BB,

        Except as a nice addition to my collection it doesn’t excite me as far as actually shooting it goes. It appears to be an average gun. I know it doesn’t hold up to my Silhouette, 1720T, P1, P17 or 2300S. Maybe the 2300S. I think a lot of the excitement is it’s initial cost plus it’s easy to modify which is not something I particularly enjoy. Just let me shoot please. Of course I enjoy reading about other’s D.I.Y. projects. Just not for me. Only thing I do myself is regular maintenance.


              • G&G
                More or less.

                But you could make the 2240 to be what ever you want it to be.

                Matter of fact I have a extra Disco stock and trigger. I could get the hi-pac that is the same legnth as the Disco tube on a 2240 and put the Disco trigger on it and drop it right in the Disco stock.

            • B.B.

              It will be interesting to see your final configuration on this gun. I will want to see just how close it comes to being the same as an existing gun you could just purchase. But then, I realize how much fun you have doing these conversions. I have not forgotten for a second how important accuracy is to you. And how good you are. Do you ever feel like participating in competitions anymore? Of any kind? I keep expecting to see you show up at one of the Extreme Benchrest Competitions. That’s one of my goals before I die. Right now the local matches are keeping me happy but we do have matches scheduled in N.C. and Miami starting in October. I can’t wait. I love shooting.


              • G&G,

                When I was sick a few years ago I lost the ability to hold pistols steady. I am doing yoga exercises to strengthen my arms, but I’m still pretty shaky.

                When I competed I rose to just under the level of NRA Expert. Had I continued, it was my hope to compete at the national level (if I ever got good enough). Alas, I’m 20 years older now and the equipment is breaking down. I enjoy shooting for myself, but my days of competition are past.

                I hope to get a 10-meter pistol soon and perhaps I will be able to start shooting again, but I doubt I will ever amount to much.


                • BB,

                  I don’t expect to ever be able to compete with pistol as much as I like it. Same reason, age. But, it doesn’t seem to have hurt my ability with a rifle at all. I’ve gotten pretty darn good and am improving all the time. I’m not going to win any national competition but I feel pretty good at the state level. Won’t embarrass myself anyway. Right now I can shoot consistently in the 230’s with 3 to 10 x’s at 50 yds. with official USARB Targets. It has made a huge difference to get my hands on some of the best rifles and scopes. I’m not kidding, it really makes a difference. If you can’t tell by now I’ve gotten quite serious about this. That’s how much I love it. At my age no less. I’ve got a few good years left.



  7. B.B.,

    Now I remember at the bottom of your report that you are putting a longer barrel on it. That will improve looks greatly and I hope it does also increase FPS.


  8. This makes me hope that I run across a 2240 at a yard sale sometime, just so I can tinker with it. This thing is almost as adaptable as an AirForce model and this product makes this pistol worth considering. With me, CO2 is a no go. I would not be able to shoot a big chunk of the year and the expense would not be worth it.

    • RR
      Funny you say that about comparing to a AirForce gun.

      My next little project is going to be another 2240 with a longer hi-pac like the length of a Disco tube. I’m going to change to the black seal and change the spring in the valve to the heavier one and the striker will also get a heavier spring. Going to run it at 3000psi and make a .25 cal. barrel fit the breech.

      If the barrel outside diameter is going to get to thin and close to the size of the.25 cal. inside bore diameter. Well I’m going to do some work on the breech and barrel. Or I may just Make a breech out of some square stock. But I will have a.25 cal. hi-pac 2240 I guarantee you in the near future.

        • G&G
          That response was meant for RidgeRunner not you, I know you told me where you live. maybe we can meet half way at my father in laws in Tifton GA. just got back from there and he has plenty of land to have a good time shooting and hunting on. The next time we go down I will let you know so we can have fun bothering each other.

          I wish I still worked for Harley at the test facility that was next to Talladega super speedway cause I could have made arrangements to give you a ride around the track up on the high bank on a bike.
          It is something you can not believe until you have done it, you have to be riding over 60 mph to start to lean over on a bike and 90 mph just to stay up on the banking in a car. The pace laps at Talladega and Daytona are at 90 mph so the pace car can stay up on the banking. Talladega is 33 degrees and I believe Daytona is 30 degrees.
          My first experience with the high bank at Talladega was when I first started at Harley and was working third shift, I was a mechanic and had to test ride a bike for a high speed stumble/misfire, there are no lights at TSS so all I had was the very poor quality Harley headlamp to see when the back straight turned onto what appeared to be a vertical wall of asphalt at 105 mph, what a rush. I have been around it on a bike so many times now from 98 to 09 that it has no real excitement left.


            • G&G
              No problem here, I did not realize you were joking. please feel free to butt in whenever you want that’s what this blog is all about.

              RidgeRunner, you still won’t tell me where you live. What’s up you don’t want to be found or hiding from me. I am looking for you. LOL


    • RR
      Are you going to tell me where you live. I cannot bother you unless you tell me. I did not say I didn’t like people I just don’t like big cities and crowds of people. I am a country boy at heart and much prefer the country to big cities.

      Come on tell me where you live.


  9. buldawg and everyone
    buldawg you asked yesterday about what I came up with on the conversion and I didn’t get a chance to respond till I got home from work. Crazy busy at work. And then I seen BB did part 2 about the conversion. So here it goes.

    First I have changed barrels on both guns over the last weekend from what I had on the 2 different 2240’s I have with the conversion. And I need to say both guns have the hi-pac plus one extension which is good to a 15” barrel or longer. The .177 cal. 60c barrel that I turned down came of the first gun and then the full length .177 Disco barrel went on with the same steel breech and the small magnification Bushnell scope.

    The Disco barrel got more shot counts per fill and more velocity then the 60c barrel. And accuracy was good with both barrels though. Are you ready for this 25 usable shots per 2000 psi fill down to 1100 psi. for the Disco barrel verses 18 usable shots per fill with the 60c barrel.

    And the velocity for the 60c barrel was 680fps average with 10 grain pellets. And 750fps for the longer Disco barrel with the same 10 grain pellet. I didn’t chrony the 8 grain pellets because I was going to stay with the heavier 10 grain pellet. But I bet it would be real close to 800fps with the Disco barrel and 8 grains of pellet.

    Now the second 2240 gun with the conversion. This ones got the steel breech and the Leapers golden image small magnification scope on it. Same size hi-pac on it. But with a short 15” .22 cal barrel. Its get about 20 usable shots from 2000psi down to about 1100psi. And with 14.3 grain pellets it averaged 560fps. And the accuracy was good.

    Both guns were ringing the 1.5” steel spinners at 50 yards every shot bench resting the guns and of course with the 1399 stocks.

    But here was something else that was cool. First I have to say that my Benjamin buddy bottle will fill my Marauder rifle 8 times then it will need filled. I counted 14 total fills on my 2240’s between the two of them. And 3 fills on the Marauder rifle. Believe me that’s alot of shooting. Somewhere around 250 shots on one fill of the carbon fiber buddy bottle. That’s not the big bottle its the small bottle that you could put in a back pack.

    And for people with a hand pump I broke out my old Benjamin hand pump that I got years ago with my Disco when they came out. Check this out. 1100 to 2000psi it took only 35 pumps to fill the 2240 conversion compared to 80 pumps that it takes to fill the Marauder rifle from 2000 to 3000psi. And it is easier to pump the 2240 up because its a lower pressure also.

    And I just had to spill the info. I just couldn’t keep it contained for to much longer or I would pop.

    • I just rechecked my math on the shot counts per buddy bottle fill. And its more like 340 verses 250 shots that I said. I didn’t think 250 sounded right. So you can do a heck of a lot of shoot’n if the 2240’s with the hi-pac is included with your day of shooting.

      • Gunfun
        That info is just what I wanted to hear to really get me excited about converting my 2289. I am selling stuff on ebay to get the funds for the conversation which is 110 bucks for me with the 18 inch barrel I want two extensions and will most likely go to 3000 psi. I have an adjustable hammer spring in my 2289 now and can easily make the end plug of the 2240 into an adjustable one.

        My trip went great and my father in law and me shot some of my low power pellet guns that I brought. What made it even better of a trip was we were talking about guns and he asked me if I had or ever shot a black powder gun. I have not shot one and did not own one until now because he went into his safe and pulled out a CVA 45 caliber in line black powder rifle and gave it to me. S I am now the owner of a black powder rifle, after some research I found it will cost me about 100 bucks to get the powder, bullets and other necessary stuff to shoot it. Way cool gun as it is in all camo trim, barrel and all with sling, happy happy happy.

        I definitely am also very happy with my 40 buck springer as my last message stated, it is much better than I expected for 40 bucks.

        My moderator will be here today so it time to finish my Hatsan and go do some real sighting in and shooting at 50 yards, you never know I may even get a big turkey at the same time.

        I will keep you updated and the wait for your info on the 2240’s was worth it, I just got to get the money to build me one from my 2289.


        • buldawg
          Wow! Glad to hear all that. And I got to go right now. Got to get out the door to head to work. And I want to ask you more about that break barrel rifle you got. But got to go now going to be late.

        • You got yourself a nice hunting gun in that muzzle loader!If t’s gonna cost $100 to get you started you must be stocking up. It’s a whole lot slower paced, less expensive, and more satisfying than centerfire. Just keep it clean! Most modern propellants are not near as bad as true black powder but some are better than others, I used Pyrodex & lotsa lube.


  10. B.B.
    I am very glad to read part two of this report. I hope that you play around with striker spring tension also. Questions: If the hi-pac inlet valve had bled done yet another time after filling, what might you have tried next to get it to seal? Also would you expect any first time fill issues with a hand pump?

    • tabrown,

      Welcome to the blog.

      I wasn’t worried about the inlet valve. I reported that so people with no experience would read that it can happen and what to do about it — which is to just try again until it seals.

      The real lesson is the oil I put into the gun when I first filled it. That will solve 99.99 percent of all problems.


      • I put silicone oil on the threads and the extension before I put the 2 pieces together.

        Then I put a few drops down in the opening and on the outside of the hi-pac were it seats on the guns valve seal (the red/orange factory seal).

        Then I put a few drops on the threads were the hi-pac screws into the gun. And I also put a few drops on the male foster fill fitting.

        Both of the 2240 conversions filled up with air and when I disconnected my fill hose the valve has held air good from the first fills. I figured out how many times I filled the 2 guns last weekend starting from Thursday to Sunday. I was off those days and that was my plan to test the guns to see what they were about.

        But I filled each gun about 56 times (a average of 14 fills a day) over that 4 day period and zero problems.

        • I forgot there is a black o-ring also were the hi-pac and extension go together.

          I made sure that I put some drops of the silicone oil on that o-ring so it wouldn’t get damaged before I screwed the 2 pieces together before installing them on the gun.

  11. Thanks for getting back to this one. Considering the safety issues some have had I don’t think I’d bother with the conversion. The Boss valve conversion with a 10″ barrel ( I know 14 is ideal, but if I wanted a rifle I’d buy a rifle!) gave me an additional 80fps using heavy-ish pellets like Crow mags which puts a genuine 10+ fpe down range-perfect for a short range critter gitter. No pumping required, no worries about shrapnel in the eyeballs.

  12. This kit is elegant in its simplicity…and it just sips the air in this configuration. This is pretty darn close to being that “100$ PCP” that I’ve seen conceptualized here before…

      • I may be able to carve some time out for that towards the end of July/early August…How can I turn down an invitation like that? I’ll practice taking pictures with no feet in the background in the meantime.

        • DS
          Ha ha. Are you sure no feet.

          And I will probably never run my 2240 conversion on Co2 bulk fill. But I’m sure there are people out there who would like to know the results. I would even like to know even though I wont never use the Co2. But it will be good to know how a 2240 conversion performs on Co2.

  13. Visions of B.B. AR 15 build are dancing in my head. So many choices with this modular platform.

    I don’t have the time and therefor inclination for these types of mods. The little free time I have I want to shoot not tinker. I respect those that have the interest in this dimension of guns though.

    Isn’t the 2240 the platform that DQ popularized in his amazing custom builds?


  14. I don’t know why but I didn’t foresee problems mounting the stock sight.Maybe because my plan was to start with a longer barrel & steel breech.After seeing your results at 2000 psi,I would be very interested in bulk filling with Co2,from what I remember, this kit comes with the adapter.
    I just figured out what put the 392 outta commission- Detonation!( It was so loud I worried for a while whether or not the cops would show up)The air moved past the seal so fast it sucked it out of it’s crimp


  15. Well,I dunnit now! I’m gonna need a pumplever for my 3120.Anyone got one lying around they’d like to unload? If I had access to a TIG,I’d feel confident in repairing mine, but an Oxy acetyline rig would be too much heat.I used to see them all the time. Any ideas?

  16. sorry for going off subject, I’m working on a 2nd gen marauder in .25 cal
    B.B. can you or anyone else tell me the correct way to switch the bolt for a southpaw thanks

  17. I forgot to mention that I called crosman they won’t give out info other than sending it out to a crosman certified repair shop.B.B. I also bought that FX royal 500 its an accurate awesome gun and this marauder is just as accurate!

  18. Hello All,

    I have a problem. I am trying to get the screws out of the plastic forearm of my 1720T. They will not budge. It’s like they have been super glued in. I just got a custom stock for it from Steve Corcoran to put on it for field target and standing off-hand shooting. I’m on the verge of just cutting the plastic forearm off of it. Anyone have any suggestions?


  19. Hi B.B.

    As you spoke so highly of them, I purchased a Tech Force 90 from P.A. Wow, the quality is evident. While it might be a bit clonky for a pistol, it is a great fit for my Ruger Air Hawk.

    The red dot is encased in a metal frame that looks like it could make it through a war zone, and it’s nice to be able to adjust the dot light 10 levels.

    There is a problem though. No matter how I adjust it, I can’t get it to shoot higher than 3 inches lower than my aim point. Is this just the way this dot sight is? Is it only meant for long distances? I was at 10 meters. Or, is it broken so that I need to send it back. Or, am I supposed to elevate it with shims somehow–that would be difficult given how this sight attaches.

    It’s not the rifle…I’ve had several scopes on there with no difficulties.


      • Yeah Reb, I actually remembered to site in the way you describe after I was messing with it a bit.

        Before that–I almost shot a hole in the floor. What I did was I adjusted the site way down to see if the adjustment was broken altogether. It was not. I adjusted it down several inches. I was about to shoot into my target when I thought to double check my aimpoint by looking thru the open sites. If I had fired, I would have sent a pellet directly into the floor!!!

        By the way, that’s one of the things I like most about this site. I can reference the dot, but I can also clearly see my open sites. Very nice. And I got tiny one hole groups using this scope–just not where I wanted them, so I’ll definitely be ordering another nor I guess.

    • Rob,

      It IS the rifle, which droops. The dot sight can’t adjust enough for it.

      At 10 meters you put any sight at a disadvantage. The pellet has not gone far enough for the slant of the scope angle to intersect the trajectory.

      At 1 foot the gun will shoot as far below the sight axis as they are physically separated. As distance increases, the downward angle of the scope axis will eventually intersect the pellet’s path, even though the pellet is dropping downward. But 10 yards is too close. Twenty yards is more like it.

      What I’m saying is that this dot sight will never work well on that particular rifle because of its droop. Don’t waste time trying to make it work. Because of how the4 base is integral, the sight cannot be shimmed. Use it on a different gun.


  20. B.B. I just put a new exhaust seal in my 392, It’s leaking away about the first half of every stroke.I can hear it escaping the transfer port while pumping. I’ve got it sitting with 8 pumps right now to help seat it in, any break-in tips?


  21. B.B.,
    you said earlier you were in the market for a 10m pistol,Would you be interested in a Beeman P-1 for $100? There’s one on GB. SanRafael with Simmon’s LER 2×20


  22. Maybe I missed a mention about this as I was skimming all the posts on this subject. Has anyone tried or have any info or advice on using a .177 setup instead of .22? What kind of fps. and fpe. would it produce in the .177 setup? Thanks.

  23. B.B.

    I know this reply is several days late, but your comment at the end about the lack of scope mounts on the 2240 caught my attention. Were you aware that there are scope mounts that attach to the 2240 barrel? I’ve got them on my 2240. Check out this link:


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