by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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Today’s report is the culmination of a guest blog from reader HiveSeeker about his Crosman 2400KT.

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Over to you, HiveSeeker.

Crosman 2400KT
The 2400KT CO2 carbine is available exclusively from the Crosman Custom Shop.

This report covers:

  • Accuracy for .22 caliber: Wows and boos
  • Benjamin Pointed Expanding pellets from the Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment (UHPA)
  • Air Arms Falcon pellets
  • The Crosman clan family reunion
  • Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point (UHPA) pellets
  • Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum pellets, Benjamin Discovery Domed Magnum (UHPA) pellets, and Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets
  • Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point pellets (500-pellet tin)
  • .22 Crosman Premier pellets (boxed)
  • JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo pellets (15.89 grains)
  • JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster pellets
  • RWS Meisterkugeln pellets
  • RWS Superdome pellets
  • Conclusion for .22 caliber

Accuracy for .22 caliber: Wows and boos

The accuracy test for the .22 HiveSeeker 2400KT with 18-inch Crosman barrel was also conducted from a bench rest at 10 yards, with 10-pellet groups measured center-to-center. You’ll see that a few of those gremlins are still alive and well, infesting my .22 pellet bin, too! As I did with the .177 pellets, I’ll list my accuracy results alphabetically. Space will again limit our discussion to only the very best pellets — with one notable exception that we’ll address first!

Benjamin Pointed Expanding pellets from the Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment (UHPA)

I’d already spent a fair amount of quality time with this gun before I finally settled down for some serious accuracy testing. I thought I had a pretty good idea what to expect. The Benjamin Pointed Expanding (Destroyer style) pellet from the Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment (UHPA) was one of the few I hadn’t already tried, so I started my official accuracy testing with it — just out of curiosity. Then, something went wrong with my pistol! Pellets were flying all over the target! Was my barrel loose? Had my scope lost its zero? I immediately tried a previously accurate pellet and everything returned to normal. Nope — the 2400KT just does not like the Benjamin Pointed Expanding pellet one bit! It made a huge 2.353-inch group — the worst we’ll see — and repeat testing was almost as bad. This was a confidence-shaking experience! Thankfully, though, this gun got along much better with nearly every other pellet tested.

Crosman 2400KT .22 Benjamin Pointed Expanding
Benjamin Pointed Expanding pellets from the Ultimate Hunting Pellet Assortment (UHPA) scatter like flushed quail! I have a hard time believing that this 2.353-inch group came out of the same barrel as the next group. The Pointed Expanding UHPA is not a pellet for the 2400KT! I’m continuing to show you my targets placed over a contrasting color background to highlight the groupings.

Air Arms Falcon pellets

The Air Arms Falcon was the pellet that got us off to such a great start in the .177 2400KT. Could I hope for a repeat performance? Why, yes I could! Ten Air Arms Falcons went into a reasonable 0.390-inch group, but there was a gremlin in the bunch! The 9 well-behaved members of that group huddled tightly together in 0.178 inches center-to-center. A second group I shot clustered all 10 pellets in 0.265 inches. Very, very nice!

Crosman 2400KT .Air Arms Falcon
The Air Arms Falcon does very well in either caliber in the Crosman 2400KT! This group measures 0.390 inches center-to-center, but 9 pellets squeezed into 0.178 inches! This is very good!

Crosman 2400KT .Air Arms Falcon tin
I also just had to show you that humongous Air Arms Falcon tin, which dwarfs everything else in my pellet bin! (Know that I’ve got big hands!)

The Crosman clan family reunion

You’ll recall that these six pellets are very similar. Except for domes or hollow points, they’re identical in nearly every way, including weight (14.3 grains). They also performed almost identically when we looked at velocity, except for the slightly slower Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point UHPA. Accuracy for this group ranged from 0.521 to 0.949 inches and averaged a mediocre 0.750 inches. Note that the boxed Crosman Premier is a new addition to the stable since the velocity testing — and the only one for which I’ll actually show you a target.

Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point (UHPA) pellets

The Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point UHPA was slightly slower than the rest of the Crosman clan when we tested velocity, and it put 10 pellets in 0.949 inches — the worst of the family. This pellet is now the real black sheep of the Crosman clan, as the slowest and least accurate of the entire bunch, with the lowest muzzle energy as well.

Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum pellets, Benjamin Discovery Domed Magnum (UHPA) pellets, and Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets

Accuracy was equally poor among the Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum, Benjamin Discovery Domed Magnum (UHPA), and Crosman Premier Hollowpoint, ranging from 0.803 to 0.831 inches. No redeeming of the family honor here, but at least these members of the Crosman clan stick together!

Benjamin Discovery Hollow Point pellets (500-pellet tin)

There was a glimmer of hope in the 0.573-inch group from the Benjamin Discovery Hollowpoint (500/tin), but that’s still not enough to clear the family name.

.22 Crosman Premier pellets (boxed)

Despite the mediocre accuracy I’d already seen from the rest of the Crosman clan, I had very high expectations for the boxed .22 Crosman Premiers. This popular pellet is another of B.B.’s staples, and I hoped it would perform as well in the 2400KT .22 as its absolutely amazing little brother did in the 2400KT .177. Alas, it was not to be. Ten pellets went into 0.521 inches center-to-center. However, I’ll re-test this favorite at 20 yards to see if ballistics tighten the group at that range. Despite my disappointment, the boxed Premier was nevertheless the best of the Crosman clan. Although B.B. and I both thought that the Crosman Premier Ultra Magnum and Benjamin Discovery Domed Magnum (UHPA) were identical to these boxed Crosman Premiers, the boxed Premiers shot noticeably better.

Crosman 2400KT Crosman Premier boxed
This is the only Crosman clan group that I’m going to show you. The boxed Crosman Premier was the best of the bunch at 0.521 inches.

During the Crosman clan velocity testing, I noticed that the domed pellets had much wider velocity spreads than the hollow points. I speculated that accuracy might be better with the more consistent hollow points. However, the average group size of the domed pellets (0.725 inches) was essentially the same as the hollow points (0.775 inches). Overall, the two pellet types appear to perform identically.

In summarizing the Crosman clan, I have to say that, for a Crosman airgun, the 2400KT doesn’t particularly like .22 Crosman pellets. Thankfully, the variety of imports available provide some very nice alternatives that indeed showcase what a fine little carbine Crosman can put together for you.

JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo pellets (15.89 grains)

Wow! This is what I’ve been hungering for since those Air Arms Falcons! Ten JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbos (15.89 grains) made a single 0.266-inch hole. Sweet! More testing resulted in slightly larger groups, but this pellet is a definite keeper.

Crosman 2400KT 22 JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo
I wish we were seeing more good groups up to this point, but the 15.89-grain JSB Diabolo Exact Jumbo fills the bill at 0.266 inches!

JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster pellets

I’m only going to mention the JSB Match Diabolo Exact Jumbo Monster because it had the highest muzzle energy. I had hoped that the very low velocity spread on this giant pellet would result in decent accuracy, but performance was middle-of-the-line at 0.413 inches. However, assuming a manageable trajectory, that group size should put this high-energy hitter within a 1-inch vital zone out to 20 yards.

RWS Meisterkugeln pellets

Here’s another keeper! The RWS Meisterkugeln was one of my earliest .22 ammo purchases. As a result, I shot more groups with this one than any other. My best group was 0.313 inches, with most of the remainder under 0.400 inches. I’ll definitely be buying more!

Crosman 2400KT .22 RWS Meisterkugeln
This may look like a 3-shot group, but it’s not a 3-shot group! It is a 10-shot group! Ten pellets went into 0.313 inches center-to-center. Not bad! This was consistently one of the best pellets for this gun.

RWS Superdome pellets

All’s well that ends well! The very popular RWS Superdome did just fine in the 2400KT: 0.297 inches, center-to-center. That’s tight! I have high expectations for the 20-yard test as well. This gives us a very nice wrap-up to the Crosman 2400KT .22 accuracy test.

Crosman 2400KT .22 RWS Superdome
A thumbtack measures 0.44 inches across. This group measures 0.297 inches, center-to-center. That makes this gun a tack-driver with the RWS Superdome!

Below is a summary table of all my accuracy results with the .22 HiveSeeker. There were a lot fewer gremlins in these pellets so I did not list the best 9-in-10.

Crosman 2400KT .22 accuracy table
Accuracy results from 20 different pellets tested in the .22 2400KT with 18-inch Crosman barrel. Nine (45%) grouped under half an inch. There were fewer gremlins in this group so I did not list the best 9-in-10.

Conclusion for .22 caliber

As you might expect, accuracy with the .22 Crosman barrel was not as good as the .177 Lothar Walther match barrel costing four times as much. There were also fewer .22 pellets that did well in this gun. However, nearly half of them grouped under half an inch, and several grouped just over a quarter inch — not bad at all! While shooters may need to test a wider variety of pellets to find those that perform well in the .22 Crosman 2400KT, I’d still rate this gun very good in accuracy, especially among the limited number of other non-PCP .22 pistols available. In conclusion, if you’re looking for the power of a bigger spring-piston pistol and the accuracy and low recoil of a CO2 or pneumatic, you should consider the .22 Crosman 2400KT.

Can the Crosman 2400KT keep it together at 20 yards? I’ll address that topic in the comments to this part of my report.