by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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Benjamin Maximus
The Benjamin Maximus.

This report covers:

  • Another Meopta test coming
  • The test
  • Group 1 Crosman Premier 7.9-grains
  • Group 2 Crosman Premier Copper Magnums
  • Baracuda Match 4.53mm head
  • One final group
  • Air Venturi G6 hand pump
  • Am I done?

Today I take the Benjamin Maximus out to 50 yards. This is the test people have been waiting for, so let’s get right to it!

This test actually stretched over two range days, as I was kicked off the range on the first day after shooting the first group. The lawn had to be mowed. That takes 2 hours on the range I was on, so I left and took my target. The next range day came a week later, and I was able to complete today’s test.

I went to the 50-yard range on day two That range ios easier to mow — in case I got caught again.

Another Meopta test coming

This 50-yard range at my club has high berms on both sides of the range, so the daylight doesn’t get on the range as early as it does on the 200-yard range (with 50- and 100-yards berms) I usually use. The lack of bright sunlight seemed to make a huge difference when I used the smart phone with the MeoPro 80 HD spotting scope. I got better results than before, and they will be reported next week.

The test

I shot the rifle from the bench with the stock resting in a long sandbag. I filled the rifle to 2000 psi after each 10-shot group except the final one. That one I shot following another 10-shot group (they were shots 11 through 20) — just to see if the rifle would still group.

Benjamin Maximus on bench
Benjamin Maximus on the bench at the 50-yard range.

Group 1 Crosman Premier 7.9-grains

First up were 10 7.9-grain Crosman Premiers. They went into a group that measures 1.643-inches between centers. The group is centered nicely on the bull, but just a little low. I cranked up the elevation a few clicks and then the day ended, as the lawn had to be mowed.

Yes, there are 11 holes in this group. There is a technical reason for this. I can’t count to 10.

Benjamin Maximus Premier lite Group 1
Eleven Crosman Premier lite pellets went into 1.643-inches at 50 yards.

Group 2 Crosman Premier Copper Magnums

On the second day at the range, the first pellet I tested was the new 10.6-grain Crosman Premier Copper Magnum. This is the first time I’ve tested this pellet at 50 yards. Ten of them went into 2.105-inches. This group was also well-centered but it was still below the bull, despite the elevation adjustment after the previous group.

Benjamin Maximus Premier Copper Magnum Group
Ten 10.6-grain Crosman Premier Copper Magnum pellets went into 2.105-inches at 50 yards.

Group 3 Baracuda Match 4.53mm

The tightest group at 25 yards came with the H&N Baracuda Match with 4.53mm heads, so I expected the best from them at 50 yards, as well. Unfortunately Pyramyd Air is out of that head size right now, so I had to link to the pellets with the 4.52mm heads, instead. I was not disappointed by their performance.

Ten pellets went into 1.852-inches at 50 yards. While that is not the best 10-shot group of this test, 9 of those pellets are in a smaller group that measures 0.946-inches between centers. Since most airgunners only shoot 5-shot groups, I think that says a lot about the accuracy potential of the Maximus.

Benjamin Maximus Baracuda 4.53mm Group
Ten H&N Baracuda Match pellets with 4.53mm heads went into 1.852-inches between centers at 50 yards. Nine of them are in 0.946-inches.

A couple things occur to me from this target. First, I wonder if I had sorted the pellets by head size what the group might have looked like. That one pellet on the right is pretty far from the others. It looks like it doesn’t belong.

Next, I must admit that the hard creepy trigger probably did open the groups a little. I can normally adapt to most triggers, but the Maximus is a light rifle, and a crisper lighter trigger just might make a difference. If the rifle was mine, I would probably modify the trigger. I don’t think a Marauder trigger is needed — just a trigger that releases at 4 lbs. or less and has little creep.

One final group

I was curious about one more thing. If you remember, I had shot all these groups on fresh fills to 2000 psi. So each group is from a fully charged gun. But in the velocity test in Part 2, we learned that the Maximus has about 20 good shots. The velocity spread for those 20 shots is 100 f.p.s., so we had to try the rifle at 50 yards to see whether that makes a difference.

Also remember that I adjusted the scope to shoot higher after the first group was shot. So, what you are about to see is the same Crosman Premier lite pellet, but shot as the second 10 shots after the fill. These 10 shots went into 1.895-inches at 50 yards.

Benjamin Maximus Premier lite Group 2
On the second 10 shots after the fill, 10 pellets went into a group that measures 1.895-inches at 50 yards.

Air Venturi G6 hand pump

Perhaps you remember that I was unable to attach the Air Venturi G6 hand pump to the Maximus for testing. No matter — I filled the gun with the Benjamin hand pump which worked fine. But I got another female Foster filling for the G6 from Pyramyd Air and now I can fill with that pump. It was simply a matter of tolerances at the couplings. I note that both pumps take approximately the same number of pump strokes, but the G6 seems a lot smoother. It also bleeds faster, which is helpful with some PCPs.

Am I done?

This rifle has to go back to Crosman, so I need to know if I am done with it. In my opinion, the Maximus is a best buy for the price. I believe it is just as accurate as the Benjamin Discovery, and the savings can get a lot more shooters into precharged guns.