by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Air Venturi TR5 repeating pellet rifle.

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This report covers:

  • “I’ll eat my hat!”
  • We talked
  • Hobbys
  • The solution?
  • The test
  • Eye-opener!
  • Magazine 2
  • Next time?
  • Summary
  • Summary

“I’ll eat my hat!”

I had a conversation with Val Gamerman last Friday. I never told you, but before I started my tests he told me the Air Venturi TR5 Multi-Shot Target Air Rifle would put 5 pellets in 3/4-inch at 10 meters or he would eat his hat. The last time Val said something like that to me was in 2012, and he said it about an IZH 60, oddly enough. He trusted me to shoot and that time it was 10 shots in a quarter-inch at 10 meters. I almost did it but not quite, so he kept his word and ate his “hat.”

This was the “hat.”

eating hat
Pyramyd Air president, Val Gamerman, eating his “hat.”

We talked

So Val called me after reading all 5 parts of the blog on the TR5 and we talked for some time. He told me the spec for the rifle was 5 shots in 20mm at 10 meters. Twenty millimeters in 0.787-inches, so he felt safe enough. Air Venturi had tested 10 rifles and all but two met or exceeded the spec. The best one put five into 0.3 inches at 10 meters. Of the two that didn’t make it, one was just over and the other was greater than one inch.


As he talked, I noticed Val was repeatedly mentioning that they tested the rifles with RWS Hobby pellets. That’s a pellet I never tried in the test rifle. They did test with other pellets, as well, but the Hobby caught my eye.

Then Val asked me why the TR5s in general are so fussy about the pellets they like and why my TR5, in particular, is so inaccurate? I told him there are two things that contribute to that. A barrel that’s larger on the inside will tend to like some pellets over others and any pellet repeater is suspect because the magazine might not align with the breech. Heck — you should see all the things the RAW rifles do to overcome this very problem! They spend a lot of time and effort to ensure their rifles don’t have a magazine alignment problem!

The solution?

He told me that Boris (one of his design engineers) had suggested making a magazine with just a single chamber that could be used in the single-shot mode. And I told him I would like to retest the TR5 with Hobbys, but which of the five pellet chambers could I trust? If only there was a way to test each of them separately.

Then it hit me — there is a way to test the pellet chambers separately. Shoot one shot at each bull for a total of 5 separate bulls on a target page, then reload and do it again, and again, until each bull has 5 shots fired from each chamber! This is a test I have never tried before, but since I wanted to test the Hobbys anyway, why not do it this way?

The test

That is our test today. One pellet was fired at each of five separate bulls at 10 meters — five times. I shot off a sandbag rest with the rifle rested directly on the bag. And I used a conventional hold. RWS Hobbys are the only pellets that were shot.


Since I haven’t tested Hobbys in this rifle yet, I first fired a magazine of five at a bull before starting the test. When the first four pellets went into the same 0.488-inch hole, I was impressed. But shot number five landed low and to the right, opening the group to 0.994-inches. Remember that, because I’ll come back to it in a bit.

TR5 first mag
This group opened my eyes a bit. Five Hobbys went into 0.884-inches at 10 meters, with 4 in 0.488-inches. Maybe this is the pellet for the rifle?

I’m going to show you all 5 targets and then talk about the groups afterward.

TR5 first group
The first chamber put 5 in 0.818-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 second group
The second chamber put 5 in 1.08-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 third group
The third chamber put 5 in 1.02-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 fourth group
The fourth chamber put 5 in 1.518-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 fifth group
The fifth chamber put 5 in at least 2.577-inches at 10 meters. I say at least because one of the two widest holes isn’t all the way on the target.

The biggest thing I took from this test is that the fifth chamber is the one that’s the most screwed up. It is also the chamber that threw the last shot in the first 5-shot group. Remember — I said I would come back to that?

This set of targets was made with the first magazine, which is the one I put in the box at the end of this test. I’m reminding myself of that for any future testing I decide to do.

Magazine 2

I ran an identical set of tests for the second magazine. The first 5-shot group used the entire magazine and measures 1.629-inches between centers. That’s quite different from the first magazine. Remember that because I want to address it at the end of the test.

TR5 second magazine
The results from the second magazine are very different from those of magazine one. Five pellets are in 1.629-inches at 10 meters. This will be an interesting set of targets!

TR5 first group
The first chamber put 5 in 1.927-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 second group
The second chamber put 5 in 2.483-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 third group
The third chamber put 5 in 0.71-inches at 10 meters. It’s the best group of the test!

TR5 fourth group
The fourth chamber put 5 in 1.276-inches at 10 meters.

TR5 fifth group
The fifth chamber put 5 in at least 1.231-inches at 10 meters.

The second magazine that is still in the rifle at the end of the test is probably not one to use. Four of the five chambers are goofed up. However, if there is a way to only shoot chamber number three, it did give the best group of this test. I will ponder that for the next time.

Next time?

I am going to shoot the TR5 at least once more because today’s test has taught me something. I really wish this rifle was a single shot, but since it isn’t, is there a good way to shoot it as though it is? There are several things to consider.

1. The first magazine gave 4 good shots and then a flyer. Can I do anything with that? Perhaps only load 4 at a time?

2. The first chamber in the first magazine gave the best group for that magazine. Can anything be done with that?

3. Chamber 3 in the second magazine is another one to consider, if I can figure out how to use just it.


I didn’t expect to do this test, and now I’m planning even more. This isn’t a case of finding an accurate TR5. They exist. But I want to see how well this one can shoot. I think that it shoots better than I have shown so far.


Oh, and Val, don’t forget to order your next hat!