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Dragonfly Mark 2.

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This report covers:

  • The scope
  • Sight in
  • 10 meters
  • 25 yards
  • 8 pumps
  • Shooting with a scope
  • Summary

Today I scope the Dragonfly Mark 2 and sight it in. This isn’t the accuracy test, but it does lead into it.

The scope

I chose a UTG Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope for its size more than anything. As short as it is, it allows me to pump the rifle by holding onto the pistol grip.

Dragonfly scoped
The Bug Buster 3-12 looks like it was made for the Dragonfly.

I did shim the scope under the rear tube because it’s been my experience that all air rifles shoot low, minus the very few exceptions. I also chose to mount the scope to the receiver, despite the fact that the rear sight base would have accepted a scope ring base. It was just a choice, so don’t read anything into it.

Sight in

I started sighting in at 12 feet. The Bug Buster focuses down to 9 feet, so no problem there. It took three shots to get where I wanted to be and then I backed up to 10 meters. I really didn’t have a plan for this day; I just wanted to get ready for the next test, which is a 25-yard accuracy test with the rifle scoped.

I chose the Predator Polymag Short pellet for today’s test because I knew it was accurate. But in the Dragonfly what pellet isn’t? I decided to shoot 5-shot groups because of the need to pump for each shot. And I pumped the rifle 5 times for each shot.

10 meters

I thought I would have to refine the sight in at 10 meters but the first shot took out the 9 and 10 ring of a 10-meter rifle target. What the heck? That’s shot number one of the first group! The other four shots went into the same place, giving me a 5-shot group that measures 0.209-inches between centers. Not bad at all. And it was easy to see where the crosshairs rested on the target.

I shot with the rifle rested directly on a sandbag. The image through the scope confirmed that the rifle was steady. And the trigger that I adjusted in Part 10, while not crisp, is at least light.

Dragonfly group 1
The first 5-shot group was at 10 meters and measures 0.209-inch between centers.

That result made me decide to back up to 25 yards for the second group. Remember — this isn’t the accuracy test. I’m just sighting in.

25 yards

I also shot the first group with 5 pumps. I expected the shots to land lower on the target but they didn’t. However they did go a little to the left. The first group measures 0.537-inches between centers it is slightly smaller than the last group of these pellets that was shot with the dot sight and reported in Part 11. That one measured 0.642-inches between centers but it was shot from the magazine, so the tests aren’t the same.

Dragonfly group 2
From 25 yards on 5 pumps the Dragonfly 2 put five Predator Polymags shorts into a 0.537-inch group.

Wow! This really works. I wonder…

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8 pumps

So for my last group I pumped the rifle 8 times per shot and for the first four shots the rifle was shooting better. I didn’t adjust the scope because I thought 8 pumps might put the pellet elsewhere.

I was all set to ask you what you thought about 8 pumps versus 5 pumps when the last shot was a knuckleball that went to left. Four shots are in 0.452-inches and the last shot opened that to 0.792-inches. The hold was spot on, so I think that pellet had a wonky plastic tip that caused it to go astray. I don’t like two-part pellets for that reason.

Dragonfly group 3
The last group was shot with 8 pumps per shot. The first 4 shots went into a 0.452-inch group, but shot 5 opened that to 0.792-inches between centers.

Even though I saw that shot go wild, I think 8 pumps is more accurate than 5 pumps at 25 yards. I guess I’m getting  into the “How many pumps to tune the rifle” test. I may try to work that one into the next test.

Shooting with a scope

I don’t really like a scope on a multi-pump air rifle but if you’re going to do it the Dragonfly Mark 2 is the only one to do it with. The pumping never gets harder and that’s the deal-killer with all other multi-pumps. Plus, this rifle is accurate!


I said it before and I’m saying it again — the Dragonfly Mark 2 is the greatest new air rifle of the 21st century. And this one is MINE!