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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By Fred from USA on 2019-01-31
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    Things I liked: The trigger is excellent, even for match pistols, very crisp with negligible over travel. Trigger position is very adjustable as well. All adjustments are clearly marked. Adjustments are easy: only one allen key for almost all. Need a larger allen to loosen the grip. Windage and elevation are tool-free. Really low sight line. Being able to adjust the grip without removing it is very convenient. I really like the recoil absorber as it has helped me focus on and see the quality of my follow-through. And the absorber has been consistent w/o requiring any service. The sight canting adjustment combined with the grip adjustment make it possible to setup the hold so no tension is required to keep the sights level and lined up. Very easy dry-fire switch/safety. The regulated velocity is consistent across the pressure range with just over 200 shots per fill within the green zone on the gauge! Nice tool kit and a nicer case than Morini or Steyr.

    Things I would have changed: Nothing really. That is the problem with the super high end match pistols... no tinkering required! This pistol has all the features and everything is nicely labeled. Morini lacks an absorber which isn't necessary for accuracy but helps follow through. K12 has a fixed grip. Steyr isn't as finished and trigger position isn't as adjustable. The rear sight slides on a dovetail. It would be perfect if the dovetail was 11mm to be able to mount a red dot or some other optic. But unfortunately its a bit to big.

    What others should know: 10m AP shooting is pretty cool. Meditative actually. Or frustrating when its not going well. Need to grow the sport in the US! Of course one will want to tune the fit of the grip after a while but that is typical. Shoot it for a while, adjust the sights and grip alignment, then adjust the grip fit for remaining deficiencies.