by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

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Beeman P1.
Beeman P1 pistol.

This report covers:

  • The test
  • Sight adjustments
  • Sig Match Ballistic Alloy
  • H&N Finale Match Light
  • Crosman Premier Light
  • What is happening?
  • Discussion 2
  • Summary

Today we will look at the accuracy of the Beeman P1 pistol on high power with the UTG RDM20 Reflex Micro Dot sight that Pyramyd Air doesn’t currently stock. This sight is quite small and light and I thought it would be ideal for the P1, which we proved in Part 11, when the pistol was shot on low power. Today’s test on high power will test both the accuracy of the pistol as well as this sight’s ability to remain in one place. Dot sights that are larger have to be butted against the front sight to stay in place, but so far this one doesn’t have to be.

The test

The pistol was fired from 10 meters off a sandbag rest. We learned in Part 11 that if just the butt of the pistol is rested directly on the sandbag, it shoots well. I did try a couple of different rests, but none worked as well as the butt rest I described in Part 11.

Sight adjustments

The first shot was fired with the sight set for low power. I knew it would hit low and it did — about 4 inches low. I had to crank the elevation up a lot to get on target, but the sight had all the adjustment I required, plus I could listen to the tiny click detents to know the sight was adjusting.

Sig Match Ballistic Alloy

I began shooting with Sig Match Ballistic Alloy pellets that did so well on low power. On high power, though, they didn’t do as well. Five went into 1.166-inches at 10 meters. There are three shots in the center of the bull that are just 0.336-inches apart, but I don’t want to make any claims. I will have more to say about this after we look at the next two pellets.

Beeman P1 Sig Match group
Five Sig Match Ballistic Alloy pellets went into 1.166 inches at 10 meters, with three in 0.336-inches.

H&N Finale Match Light

Next up were Finale Match light pellets. I didn’t adjust the rear sight for these, though I expected them to hit lower on the target. When the first shot went high left on the bull I thought vindicated for that choice. But as you can see, the group is blown open.

As open as this group is, I think this pellet is ruled out for the P1 on high power. The group measures 2.199 between the centers of the two shots farthest apart. It’s centered on the bull — sort of — but nothing to write home about.

Beeman P1 Finale Match group
Five H&N Finale Match Light pellets went into this open 2.199-inch group at 10 meters.

Crosman Premier Light

The final group was shot with Crosman Premier Light pellets. Once again I did not adjust the sight. I expected these pellets to hit even lower on the target but the first one tore through the red spot in the center of the bull. Was I onto something?

Sadly, no. Shot two also hit high then shots three through five grouped together at the bottom of the bull. This group measures 1.666-inches between centers, with the bottom three pellets landing just 0.533-inches apart. I will now say something about that.

Beeman P1 Premier Light group
And five Crosman Premier Light pellets made this 1.666-inch group with three in 0.533-inches.

What is happening?

Thanks for waiting until now. What I am about to say applies to the entire test, so I waited until you had seen everything. I think high power affects the pistol a lot more than low power, and subtle variations in my hold are causing the groups to open up. In other words, I think if I got the hold right the Sig pellets would all go to the same place, and so would the Premier lights. Not so for the Finale Match though.

A second reason I believe I am right about this is the last target. I told you where all the shots hit because I watched them. I was also paying a lot more attention to the hold by this time.

A third reason is I had already thrown some shots all over the place while experimenting with different holds and rests before starting the test. Some of them missed the backstop altogether! Apparently the Beeman P1 is extremely sensitive to hold when it’s on high power.

Discussion of the UTG RDM20 Reflex Micro Dot sight

Oh, boy, is this a great little dot sight! Okay, it is very small and that means finding the dot will take longer than with a larger dot sight. It seems simple — just point the pistol straight ahead. Well, you try it sometime! But the biggies that are easier to see through just won’t stay in one place on a P1 unless they are butted against the front sight as a stop. You can put this sight anywhere you like and just tighten it down. There’s not enough mass to worry about.

The adjustments for both elevation and windage have very fine clicks that even an old guy can hear in a fairly quiet room. The dot is quite small when you reduce the illumination. I wouldn’t want it any smaller because it would be hard to see. When it on full power it is a bit distorted, but maybe on a sunny target that won’t be the case.

I wore my regular bifocals for this test and my distance vision is 20/25 after cataract surgery, so evaluate things from that. I looked at the sight through the distance part of my glasses.


This little sight did well on the P1. I have lots more plans for it. The Diana Chaser will be next. This sight will now be one of these piece of equipment like certain scopes, that I always turn to.