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Barra Sportsman 900

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Barra Sportsman 900

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  • WARNING This product
    WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
  • Bear River Sportsman 900 air rifle
  • Multi-pump pneumatic
  • 2-10 pumps (never exceed 10 pumps)
  • Bolt-action
  • 50rd BB repeater
  • Single-shot pellet shooter
  • Fixed fiber optic front sight
  • Fully adjustable fiber optic rear sight
  • 3/8" optics rail
  • Weaver/Picatinny accessory rails on forearm sides
  • Manual safety
  • Black synthetic stock
  • 6 lbs., 2 oz. trigger-pull
  • 4.41 lbs. with scope and mount
  • 669 fps with 10 pumps shooting 7.10-grain pellets and 675 fps with 10 pumps shooting steel BBs
  • Includes 4x15 scope, 2-piece mount and lens covers

Our tech department tested this rifle for accuracy. At 10 meters, 5-shot groups were 1/8" with pellets (7.1-grain Beeman Laser) and 2" with steel BBs.

If you're looking for a multi-pump rifle that won't break the bank but still delivers hours of fun for everyone in the family, this should be on your short list. Load it with steel BBs or lead pellets -- whichever type of ammo suits you or happens to be on hand. And, if you shoot it with pellets, you're going to get surprisingly good accuracy. It's rare that a pellet gun in this price range gets such tight groups.

Multi-pumps have an advantage over every other type of air gun powerplant: You don't have to go with full power unless you want to. If you're in the mood for some easy plinking and target shooting in the backyard, just pump it up a few times. No need to put a lot of muscle power into it.

Steel BBs can ricochet. The shooter and everyone in the shooting area should wear safety glasses when a gun is being handled (even if it's unloaded). Remember to remove all pets from the area, as rebounding ammo can hit them, too. Never shoot steel BBs at hard objects (including metal targets) or water, as that increases the chance of ricochet.

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Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity800 fps
Barrel Length20.08"
Overall Length39.37"
Shot Capacity50
Cocking Effort2-10 pumps
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightFiber Optic
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Suggested forPlinking/Fun
Trigger Pull6.25 lbs
PowerplantMulti-pump pneumatic
MaterialMetal/ABS plastic
Body TypeRifle
Fixed/adj. powerMultiple settings
Weight4.41 lbs

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4.0 4.0

5.0 5.0

5.0 5.0

By Herb from FL on 2020-03-13
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Things I liked: This is light but solid, quite accurate with open sights and pellets (with a rifled barrel, I do not shoot BBs). I have beaucoup air rifles and this is one of the most enjoyable for looks, simplicity, and accuracy. I've had mine for about 18 months now and it's been a lot of cheap shooting fun, it's the one that I usually grab when I just want to briefly perforate a few tin cans or paper targets in the back yard.

Things I would have changed: For this price point, it's fine just the way it is. No complaints.

What others should know: Since loading single pellets by hand can be challenging, especially for anyone with large hands and fingers, as this is similar to loading a pellet on an 880, I would recommend using a large tweezers to grab the pellet and place it in the receiver. (Harbor Freight has a set of 6 different size tweezers and I endorse this as a useful way to avoid frustration in selecting and loading pellets. I've found this greatly helps to load and shoot quite rapidly.) Also, this rifle - well, at least mine - can be picky about pellets. It seems to like either flat nosed or domed Crosman pellets best and Piranhas least. But, again, for the inexpensive price point, I have no complaints and for someone my age, 70, it makes me feel like a kid again to just hear the sound of a pellet hitting a tin can. It's fun and that's probably the best thing about this rifle.


3.0 3.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By bb blasting on 2020-01-30
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Things I liked: Cheap, extremely abuseable. Had one for a week I bumped into it causing it to drop off my work bench and the bolt handle sheared off. Returned for a new one I have had it for 2 years now. I have used it and stored it in winter and summer weather works well up to thirty7 pumps where it makes round have zero acuressy farther than 10 feet.

Things I would have changed: Less plastic, or atleast use multiple colors, I would have not made the mussel so sloppy joined to barrel, and personally I dont like the butt

What others should know: Yes oil oil oil make sure the sponges say lubricated. Make sure the screws all stay snug and take the scope off unless you have a better one to replace it with


3.0 3.0

5.0 5.0

4.0 4.0

By David from USA on 2019-06-13
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Things I liked: Very inexpensive - exceeds the "you get what you pay for" expectations. Despite it's very plastic exterior the pump seems pretty well constructed. In an indoor range at 15-25 yards I get very tight groupings using basic competition Crossman lead wadcutters on a rest. Indicates to meet that the gun is inherently pretty true at this distance. The scope is pretty crappy - free moving elevation and windage makes it hard to get really dialed in but it is serviceable at shorter distances. What do you expect when it's a toss in at this price? Open/optic sights are ok. Sliding rear for elevation and right/left screw mounted windage - but screw does not seem to want so set. Trigger is better than I'd expect at this price point - little stiff. Pumping is easy to 8 pumps - I've found 6 to be more than sufficient sufficient at 50 feet.

Things I would have changed: It's really hard to pick this thing apart given the price point - especially if you find it in the $55 - $60 range. It's accurate - the basic guts seem to be pretty good. I'll let you know after I put a couple thousand rounds through it. Feels like some of the plastic exterior could get loose but, hopefully, it won' far so good. Not really sure I like the BB feed - it leaves a gap in the breach that a pellet could slip into and/or get jammed in.

What others should know: For the money - and for a learning experience for a young gunner - this thing is so much better than a bottom of the line Daisy and has more hitting power with better accuracy in the lower end Crossmans. It has a pretty cool look to it as well. Way fun to shoot for the money. I have not tested this beyond 25 yards.

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Item Description

AP-B1282 [PY-3502-9438]

Sportsman 900 .177 Multi-Pump Air Rifle


Includes 4x15 scope 

Caliber.177" (4.5mm)
Max Velocity800 fps

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Bear River Barra
Barra Sportsman 900
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