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Competition Daisy model 105 Buck BB gun: Part 4

Daisy model 105 Buck BB gun: Part 4

by Tom Gaylord
Writing as B.B. Pelletier

Daisy Buck
Daisy Buck BB gun.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

This report covers:

  • Bipod
  • The test
  • First up — Daisy Premium BBs
  • Black Widows
  • Air Venturi Steel BBs
  • Dust Devils
  • Hornady Black Diamonds
  • Discussion
  • Grandpa gun
  • Summary

Today we see how accurate the Daisy model 105 Buck BB gun is when it’s scoped. You may remember I installed a Bug Buster 3-12X32 with an optional UTG 80mm Sidewheel on the gun in Part 3. And, as I closed that section I told you there was one more thing I wanted to show you. Let’s do that right now.


Besides the Little Buck Rail, Buck Rail.com also offers a 7-inch bipod for the gun. It sells for $16 as of the date this report was published. Wow! Not only are we scoping this Buck BB gun, we’re mounting a bipod. What will that look like?

Daisy Buck bipod
Yes, it looks silly, but read how the test went before you decide!

The test

I shot from 5 meters and all shots were taken with the bipod attached. It took 5 rounds to sight in and I recommend to Terry Harman, the maker, to build some droop into your base, because at 5 meters the first shot hit 3.25-inches below the aim point. Even BB guns have drooping barrels!

First up — Daisy Premium BBs

The first BB I shot was the Daisy Premium Grade BB. In the last test from the same 5 meters and using open sights five of these same BBs went into a group that measured 2.808-inches. Today with the scope and bipod, The Buck put 10 into 1.391-inches. That’s twice the number of shots going into less than half the area! I would say that’s an improvement!

Daisy Buck Daisy group
When scoped and sitting on a bipod the Daisy Buck put 10 Daisy BBs into 1.391-inches at 5 meters.

I was shocked, to say the least. This is such a dramatic improvement that it bears consideration. The bipod is rock-steady and the Bug Buster scope, with it’s 9-foot focus, is perfectly suited to this gun. Could this level of improvement continue? I went to the BB that was the most accurate in Part 2 — the Crosman Black Widow. In Part 2 five of them made a group measuring 1.341-inches.

Black Widows

Ten Crosman Black Widows made a group that measures 1.079-inches between centers. Eight of the 10 BBs are in exactly one-half-inch and almost perfectly centered on the bullseye! Once again, 10 BBs shot with the scope grouped tighter than 5 shot with open sights!

Daisy Buck Crosman group
What a group! Ten Crosman Black Widows are in 1.079-inches at 5 meters with 8 in 0.5-inches! In Part 2 five of them made a 1.341-inch group.

Wow! This was getting good. Next up were Air Venturi Steel BBs. What would they do? in Part 2 five of them went into 2.409-inches at 5 meters.

Air Venturi Steel BBs

Today 10 Air Venturi Steel BBs went into 1.886-inches at 5 meters. Once more twice as many BBs went into a much smaller group. I’m starting to see a trend!

Daisy Buck Air Venturi group
Ten Air Venturi Steel BBs went into 1.886-inches at 5 meters. Once again the Buck is more accurate with the scope and bipod.

Dust Devils

Next up were Dust Devil frangible BBs. In Part 2 five of them made a 3.233-inch group. With the scope and bipod the Buck was able to put 10 into 2.132-inches at 5 meters. It’s definitely better by quite a lot.

Daisy Buck Dust Devil group
The scoped Buck put 10 Dust Devil BBs into a group that measures 2.132-inches at 5 meters — beating the open sights yet again!

Hornady Black Diamonds

Up last was the Hornady Black Diamond. They were the least accurate in the Buck when I shot with open sights, putting 5 BBs into 4.508-inches at 5 meters. The scope’s good shooting carried over to this BB as well, and the Buck put 10 of them into 2.588-inches at the same 5 meters. It’s still a large group but it’s twice the BBs in almost half the space.
Daisy Buck Hornady group
Ten Hornady Black Diamonds went into 2.588-inches at 5 meters.


This is probably the biggest advance in accuracy I have seen in many years. There was notable improvement with every single BB shot today.

Yes, it’s just a BB gun and no, the groups are not that small, but when you compare today’s results with those documented in Part 2 it’s amazing!

Grandpa gun

This scoped Buck would make an ideal grandpa gun for when the little boys and girls come over. Once sighted-in and with the right BBs it makes anyone a sharpshooter.


I want to thank Terry Harman for suggesting this test. This is something I would never have done on my own, and look at how good it turned out! Sure, putting a $108 scope on a $30 BB gun is crazy, but this is one time it really paid off.

51 thoughts on “Daisy model 105 Buck BB gun: Part 4”

  1. B.B.,

    Nice testing with great results. Just goes to show,…. even though a gun may not be meant for scopes or a bi-pod,… they can improve your accuracy. Well done Sir!

    Good Day to you and to all,……… Chris

  2. BB
    If it helps the gun shoot better why not a good scope and a bi-pod. And I myself think it actually looks good set up that way.

    And tell me what you think will happen if you try this experiment.

    Have a scope set close to center on the turret adjustments. Mount the scope in some low rings and shoot 10 shots at 5 yards. Don’t worry about adjusting the elevation or windage to hit the bull.

    Now put the scope in some high rings and mount on the gun. Shoot 10 shots at 5 yards.

    Then tell me if you have more barrel droop with the high rings then the low rings.

    Or maybe you really don’t have barrel droop at all. Maybe it’s more like the distance the sight is away from the barrel.

  3. BB,

    I have no problem with the looks or the cost of the accessories versus the gun, but that shoulder stock…something would have to be done with it. I think my grandson would get a kick out of it.

        • RR,

          I like it! Well done Daisy! Looks to be maybe 2″ added. I saw nothing of LOP dimensions. The 499 still shoots rings around my 75th version of the RR. No comparison really. Thanks for the news.

          The RR measures 13 5/8″ and the 499 measures 13 5/16″,…….. ish. Mmmmm?,…. looks to me that the 499 is one needing an adult upgrade! I might even get one ,.. “just because” and pass the original 499 on to some young and deserving shooter?


  4. BB

    Quite the fun read! Amazing to get the consistent improvement in accuracy with every BB. I would have expected one or two brands to go against the trend just because —–?

    What do you believe is the explanation for the extreme accuracy advantage with this setup? If it is what I think it is you’re going to have a bunch of folks scrambling to change their aiming equipment.


          • I did buy a new Daisy Buck, for a whopping $20. Though I can’t really use long guns with open sights well at all due to my eyesight problems, I did shoot the Buck with three different bus. I have a tin can (Cambell’s chicken noodle soup size) at 25 yards. To my amazement, I took a shot at it with the Buck, and it was a hit! I have ordered the Buck-Rail scope mount and bipod for this, and they have shipped.
            From my reading here, and other places, it seems that the barrel from the Daisy Avanti 499 will fit into the Red Ryder AND the Buck. Conversely, the main spring from a Red Ryder can be installed into the 499. Not that I am planning to do this, but I hear the accuracy with the 499 barreled Red Ryder and Buck is quite astounding. And, a more powerful 499 maintaining it’s inherent BB accuracy sounds pretty inviting.
            Hey, I’m old and feeble. I BB wrote a Red Ryder, A Buck, and a Daisy model 25, plus other more “adult” air guns to enjoy. The BB shooters are cheap entertainment, and they take my mind off my health problems and such. Haven’t decided what optic to use on the Buck yet. I even have an ancient original Aimpoint red dot that I used to use in NRA Hunter Pistol matches, back in the day when I was the scourge of many local gun ranges in Western Washington State for some years. Won a lot of money st the unsanctioned matches at the Tacoma Sportsmans Club for years.
            It was this review by Tom that pushed me over the edge to but the Buck and scope mount and bipod. I can literally shoot my air guns every day on my acre. Now, the triggers on that Red Ryder and Buck………

  5. BB,

    Love the “Grandpa Gun” name. Since I’m Grandpa now, I’ve been keeping a few “Grandpa guns” on hand for Grandkids visits. Beginning my not-so-subtle introducing Grandchildren to shooting. Our daughters are not always thrilled but they humor their Dad and stay out of the way.

    Now I’ll have to buy a couple of BB guns. I had forgotten how much I had used mine in my salad days.


  6. B.B.

    I have an odd thought on this…
    What happens to accuracy if the gun is completely filled compared to if you only load just enough BBs to do the test ?
    There will be a difference in weight and balance. But there will also be a difference in how many BBs are packed around the barrel.
    Would a full load / partial load affect accuracy because of more or less weight surrounding the barrel ??


  7. B.B.,

    In a caption you wrote that the 105 Buck “might look silly” with these elaborate accessories, but to me it looked slick from my very first glance.

    You mentioned above that the bipod is probably responsible for most of the increase in accuracy, but how much of a factor was the scope, in your estimation? At just 5 meters the target was probably easily visible with the naked eye; therefore, any improvement a scope might make at that short distance would be interesting,


  8. “…putting a $108 scope on a $30 BB gun is crazy…”
    Well, B.B., yes, for your average person that might seem a bit crazy; but as a Grandpa, I agree with your idea of a “Grandpa Gun,” one that you can use to have fun with the grandkids; and in that case, these mods are worth every penny! =>

    • John, of the YouTube channel Oh Shoot talks about when a bunch of his friends got together, bringing their smokeless powder rifles to shoot, and then spent most of their time shooting his Red Ryder and Daisy Buck instead. Boys will be boys, you know.

    • Brent,

      I second that.

      A M1 Garand is at the top of my wish-list. I would absolutely love one.

      My preference would be for the best quality possible. Real wood furniture, thoughtful execution of detailing and the action to match the firearm… simply as close to the real thing as possible.

      This needs to be a semiautomatic gun. Rifled barrel, pellets. Bonus points if they can get the signature “ping” after the last shot. But now I’m getting wishful. If they can do this with a PCP… well… I’ll join the PCP world once and for all.


    • Brent,

      You must not have read the SHOT Show report, because I explained there that the airsoft gun comes first, followed by the BB gun, followed by the PCP pellet gun. And the M1 Carbine comes first, followed by the M1A/M14, followed by the Garand.

      The Garand is probably in the works.


  9. BB,

    In the CAPTION for the photo of the Black Widow BBs target you referenced the part 2, 5 shot group as 2.409″. In the sentence that followed that caption you wrote that same measurement as the part 2, 5 shot group for Air Venturi Steel BBs. In the section that preceded the Black Widows you recalled the 5 shot group for them as 1.341″ in part 2. I didn’t reread part 2 but I assume that you wanted the 1.341″ figure to go under the Black Widow photo.

    I think those Black Widows show enough potential to try a little longer range test, say 15 yards, if for no other reason than to demonstrate how things can fall apart over distance with BB guns.


  10. I know this review goes back a wzys, but thought I’d update a bit about my Buck. Been shooting it most days. I got the bipod and scope mount from Buck-Rail, just as Tom’s is outfitted in this review. But, I went with a cheap red/green dot sight. Been plinking cans at 15 yards with it. The regular Daisy bbs do all right, as do the Umarex and Hornaday’s. I sit on a lawn chair and rest the gun on a wooden bar stool. On a good day, I can get 5, 10, or more hits in a row. One day I tried shooting cans standing with the bipod legs folded up. I absolutely could not believe it when I got five can in a row. I stopped at that because I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Cheap fun for sure. The darn trigger has loosened up on it’s own with use too, and is quite decent. My Red Ryder will out shoot the Buck, and has a bit more power, but when I go after cans, more often than not, I grab the !little Daisy Buck.

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