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Education / Training Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Fifteen

Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Fifteen

Dragonfly Mk2
Dragonfly Mark 2.

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This report covers:

  • The test
  • 10 pumps
  • 11 pumps
  • 12 pumps
  • 13 pumps
  • 14 pumps
  • 15 pumps
  • The final group
  • Discussion
  • Summary

Today we test the Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 for accuracy with 10 to 15 pumps per shot. It should prove interesting.

The test

My plan today is to pump the rifle 10 to 15 times per shot to shoot 5-shot groups with this pellet. That gives us 6 groups to consider and I will shoot one extra group at the end — so seven groups in all.

I’m shooting off a sandbag rest at 25 yards indoors. The Dragonfly is rested directly on the bag. The rifle is scoped with a UTG Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope that was zeroed in Part 13. I have purposely not centered the shots inside the bullseye to preserve the aim point. And I did not touch the scope adjustments today. I’m using the Air Arms 16-grain dome that my rifle seems to like the best. Okay, let’s begin.

10 pumps

On ten pumps the Dragonfly put five pellets into a 0.237-inch group at 25 yards. It’s nice and round and it looks like just three shots but I swear there were five. It’s the best of today’s test and the second-best of the entire test.

Dragonfly 10 pumps
Ten pumps on the Dragonfly produced this 0.237-inch group at 25 yards.

11 pumps

On 11 pumps the group dropped just a bit and five pellets are in 0.429-inches between centers. This is also a roundish group.

Dragonfly 11 pumps
On 11 pumps the Dragonfly Mark 2 put five pellets into 0.429-inches at 25 yards.

12 pumps

On 12 pumps the group seemed to drop a little lower. Five pellets made a group that measures 0.494-inches between centers. And this group is a bit vertical.

Dragonfly 12 pumps
On 12 pumps the pellets dropped just a little lower  Five shots are in 0.494-inches between centers at 25 yards and this one is a bit vertical.

Stock Up on Shooting Gear

13 pumps

Now it’s getting serious. I would never pump the rifle this many times if I wasn’t doing this test. The pumps strokes aren’t getting harder but there sure are a lot of them. I also checked to make sure that all the air was exhausting with the shot by cocking and dry-firing. The gun was empty.

This time the pellets dropped significantly. Five shots are in 0.516-inches between centers at 25 yards.

Dragonfly 13 pumps
On 13 pumps the Dragonfly put five pellets into 0.516-inches at 25 yards.

14 pumps

I’m sweating as I pump now. This really is aerobic! And once again I dry-fired the rifle to be sure that all air was exhausted after the shots. I didn’t do this every time, but a couple times as I shot.

The shots didn’t drop any lower — thank goodness! Five shots grouped in 0.356-inches between centers.

Dragonfly 14 pumps
On 14 pumps the Dragonfly Mark 2 put five Air Arms 16-grain domes into a 0.356-inch group at 25 yards.

15 pumps

Now it was time for the full 15 pumps. They put five pellets into a 0.297-inch group — the second-smallest of today’s test (with the exception of what is about to come). As before I tested for leftover air and there was none.

Dragonfly 15 pumps
With 15 pumps the Dragonfly put 5 pellets into a 0.297-inch group at 25 yards.

The final group

What’s this? Another group? Yep. I wanted to see if the rifle was still accurate on five pump strokes, which gave the smallest group so far. It was just 0.196-inches between centers. And what was it this time, after I had pumped the rifle 375 times? 

This time five pumps put five pellets into a 0.277-inch group at 25 yards. I aimed at the letter N in the target title and on shot two I blew it away — so the scope adjustment hasn’t changed.

Dragonfly 5 pumps
On five pumps the Dragonfly still drills them where it’s aimed.


The best group in this test, going from 4 pumps per shot to 15 pumps, was 5 pumps. Five shots went into 0.196-inches between centers at 25 yards. Second best was 10 pumps and 0.237-inches and third best was 8 pumps and 0.293-inches. That leads me to say that 8 pumps is probably the best for max power, convenience and accuracy and 5 pumps for absolute accuracy. And that is, of course, only for this one pellet.

The rifle performed flawlessly throughout this test. It was pumped a total of 575 times for all the groups. That includes the last 5-shot group for today. The scope remained in place and the zero held.

Remember that I said that this test could engender other tests? Well it has. I think I would like to replicate the best and worst groups — by using the same number of pump strokes. I’ll give you a rest for a little while, but that’s my thinking.


I like this air rifle.

31 thoughts on “Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Fifteen”

  1. Not too shabby for a Chinese made air rifle. Someone over there is paying attention. The truth is Snowpeak (or is it Snow Peak, I can’t remember) has been paying attention and listening to feedback for quite some time now. They have established themselves a worldwide market under various brand names. Nova Liberty is another up and comer (think Avenger and Aspen).

    There is now a plethora of airguns being made in China. The future will show us whom has the will power to survive.

  2. BB,

    Great succinct summary! It really shows!

    I don’t really have a need or use for this gun, but your writing on it really draws me to it. I think if I did not have an HW-30S I would absolutely get one to have as an “equipment free shooter” as a backup to the PCPs. But as it is I find I only grab the 30S a few times a year, even though I love it when I do. Great series!


    • Alan,

      Glad you like the series. I’m not trying to sell this rifle to anyone, but I on’t want to listen to those who thought about getting it and decided to wait. I remember the ASP2, which I pray this doesn’t become.


      • BB, While I freely admit that your writings DID in fact influence my decision to buy one initially, the whole ASP20 which I still kick myself for missing, is what made me to decide to accept a replacement instead of a refund, for my first Dragonfly 2 (which was a lemon). Love the accuracy of this thing and the fact you don’t have to pump it 15 times to get any juice out of it. I hope my replacement is a good one, it should be here in 2 days to play with for the weekend.

        Wondering if anyone has put a Williams peep sight on theirs?

  3. BB

    I am repeating myself but your rifle pumping mechanism is standing up quite well. How many thousands of pumps has this rifle endured? Being one commentor who had pumping issues with his MK2 it is only fair to point out that this pumping design apparently will last.

    Accuracy remains impressive but I wouldn’t expect you to replicate the best and worst groups with only two 5 shot groups. I also would like to hear from readers who typically expect sub 1 inch groups rested at 25 yards. Readers, how is your MK2 doing for accuracy? How about yours, Gunfun 1? I still like this rifle and want to get another but I’m waiting for now.


  4. BB,

    Thanks for putting the effort into this test – that’s a lot of pumping!

    You might want to advertise to see if some young lad would be interested in doing the pumping for tests like this – that would leave you fresh for the actual shooting.


  5. Too bad we don’t see Taiwanese offerings in the airgun market. From what FM has seen, they seem to be more into making airsoft guns. Believe their products are better made, at least given my experiences with Made-In-Taiwan tools. Not trying to “soapbox” here or tell anyone what to buy or from where, now!

  6. B.B.
    Just curious, why would you say shoot at 5 & 8 pumps. If hunting small game on the “larger side”, wouldn’t 15 pumps be better. Group size of 8 vs 15 isn’t that much (2.93 vs 2.97). Just wondering is all. And btw, I love where this one has taken us. There seem to be just as much possibilities with a pumper as a PCP. I have never thought much about it till now.

    • Doc Holiday,

      I agree with your thoughts on 8 vs 15 pumps but only on apparent accuracy demonstrated by a (very) small sample of 5 shot groups.
      I would only be able to make up my mind (hunting ethics) based on a larger accuracy sample, energy remaining at the target, and the chosen pellet’s Terminal Balistics performance on the specific prey or pest. I also would need to see what the practical field conditions performance of the dragonfly is: Off Hand, kneeling, sitting, prone, and from expedient rests. Rested shooting is perfect for B.B.’s evaluations but although much more subjective the in-the-field factors of balance, changing conditions, and various shooting accessory functionality need to be added to the fundamentals of accuracy vs number of pumps. I can not agree with: “There seem to be just as much possibilities with a pumper as a PCP.” at least for hunting.
      As a former MSP hunter/pester you can’t beat the PCP for a follow-up shot; even a single shot PCP trumps a MSP for that.

      I’m still on the fence for pulling the trigger on the Dragonfly Mk2 and this from the very happy owner of two SIG ASP 20s that are my only BreakBarrel!


      • Shoot,
        Sweet for owning two Sigs. You are one of the lucky few. I too am on the fence. The only thing holding me back is China. That said I didn’t act quick enough on the Sig break barrel 🙁


  7. B.B.,

    You checked to see if any air was remaining after a shot but it seems that is not possible, after shooting if you try to pump the rifle the air is just vented out the barrel. So would this rifles valve be called a dump valve?


  8. Hello team!
    A happy owner of this solid DrFly mk2… At about 15 yards at 8 pumps it shoots bulls eye every time. However if I do 5 pumps it will hit 1.5 below the target, and with 15 pumps it will hit one inch above the target… Is this normal? Any input would be appreciated

      • Appreciate your input, Mr. Gaylord.
        Yes, will continue experimenting with the distance- pumps ratio to achieve the best result. Pretty impressed with this air rifle, harvested tree rats in my backyard so far.
        Also, at first, I noticed that it will loose its power and velocity in a few min after pumping . I was waiting on a rat for 7min. and then had a bad miss… Eventually, after reading your 1st part of the original dragonfly air rifle (article from 2018), I added some oil into pump head. Seems like it holds air much better now.

  9. BB, thank you for sweating through 575 pumps in Texas heat for this test. You are a trooper.

    As a proud owner of a Dragonfly I can say with all confidence to all the people that are on the fence about this rifle, get off the fence.

    It’s a beauty. It feels really good in my hands, and most importantly she’s a shooter.

  10. OK, I’ve had my Dragonfly MK2 for a month after reading all the bitching, so here we go…..

    First thing, this rifle needs a scope. None of this puny crap, dug out a nice 3-9 x 40 Redfield, made before they made their “Widefield” trash. Used the receiver and rear sight dovetail for mounting, needed to shim the rings, got ‘er done just the same.

    Next, the Monte Carlo swell and raised comb HAD TO GO. This is a excellent field rifle, stock it accordingly IMO, and so it was done. On the fore end,a section of Picatinny rail and a sling mount so I can use a sling or a light for night hunting. Careful with the mounting screws, not a lot of wood to work with, so I used double-sided mounting tape as a belt and suspender system for mounting the rail.

    As to the bitching about the linkage, yes, the one link could possible bend. I could spot weld reinforcing bars to eliminate any possibility, and the best (and easiest!) way to deal with is is simple.

    Don’t hand it to some simpleton who messes up everything he touches. We ALL know Bobby Benchpress, the muscle-bound gym rat, tears the heads off bolts, snaps drill bits, he’ll try to show you how fast he can pump up the rifle and sod up the linkage in the process.

    Having said that, the Dragonfly MK2 is a excellent rifle for the price, well built, and I can show up anywhere and not feel like the poor stepchild with some second-hand plastic stocked POS.

    I’ve a Buck Rail large moderator on mine, takes the snap out of the discharge. Put Teflon tape on the barrel adaptor to keep it from coming off when you remove the moderator to put the thread protector on the muzzle, and vice versa.

    I’m considering buying a second rifle and rebarreling it to .30 cal, the pressure is there for the asking for, IMO.

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