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This report covers:

  • History
  • Today
  • The test
  • Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head
  • Baracuda 18
  • JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned
  • Air Arms 16-grain dome
  • Then it happened
  • Summary

Today we look at the Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle with other pellets. It has taken us 15 reports to get to this point, but today we are about to see what this rifle can really do. Let’s go.


In Part 14 and 15 we looked at accuracy with a certain number of pump strokes, from three to 15. We tested the rifle at 25 yards and it was scoped with a Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope, which is ideal for this platform. We discovered in that test that the rifle was most accurate with 5 pumps, with the pellet that was used and at 25 yards. That’s a lot of specifics — right? But cheer up, guys. An accurate rifle, which the Dragonfly Mark 2 certainly is, will be accurate with other pellets under similar conditions. That’s not to say that experimenting isn’t necessary, just that you have a lot of latitude.


What I’m going to do today is test the rifle with other pellets. I will use the 5 pumps and 25-yard distance that we now know is good.

The test

I’m shooting 5-shot groups with 5 pumps per shot. And the Bug Buster is still mounted, so no sight-in is necessary. I’m shooting off a sandbag rest with the rifle resting directly on the bag. I’ll tell you the names of the pellets as we go.

Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head

First up was the Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head from H&N. The Dragonfly put five into 0.505-inches at 25 yards. Not too bad.

Dragonfly Baracuda 553 25
At 25 yards the Dragonfly Mark 2 put five Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm heads into 0.505-inches between centers.

After this group I adjusted the scope up three clicks.

Find a Hawke Scope

Baracuda 18

I had tried the Baracuda 15s in the Dragonfly already and they weren’t that good, but I thought I’d try the Baracuda 18s today. Five went into a somewhat open 0.559-inch group at 25 yards. They are probably not a pellet for this rifle.

Dragonfly Baracuda 18 25
The Dragonfly put five Baracuda 18s into this 0.559-inch group at 25 yards.

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned

Next to be tried was the 25.39-grain JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned pellet. Now a pellet this heavy is way out of profile for the power of the Dragonfly Mark 2, even on 15 pumps. And I’m shooting it on five! I almost pumped 10 times per shot, but I wanted everything to be the same except for the pellet, so I stuck to five pumps.

I also adjusted the scope up by six clicks. And even then the pellets hit below the bullseye. Five pellets made a 0.57-inch five-shot group at 25 yards. Are you beginning to see how consistent this air rifle is?

Dragonfly JSB Monster Redesigned 25
The Dragonfly put five JSB Exact Monster Redesigned pellets into a 0.57-inch group at 25 yards.

Air Arms 16-grain dome

Next I tried five Air Arms 16-grain domes that had been the most accurate pellet in this rifle on five pumps. Their previous best was five in 0.196-inches at 25 yards. Today they went into a 0.604-inch group that was not only not the best; it was the worst. Was that because I was tired? 

Dragonfly Air Arms 16 25
The Air Arms 16-grainer that was previously the most accurate pellet was the worst in this test. Five are in 0.604-inches at 25 yards. 

Then it happened

I tried one more pellet — just to see. It was the 18.52-grain H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. I was surprised to see the second pellet go into the first pellet’s hole without enlarging it. When the third pellet did the same I wondered if I was going to drag out the silver Chuckram coin. Shot number four opened the group to trime-sized and shot five brought it back to normal. Very good, but normal.

Five pellets went into 0.227-inches at 25 yards. So close! 

Dragonfly Baracuda Hunter Extreme 25
Five Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets made this 0.227-inch group at 25 yards.

The last pellet was the best today, but as you can see, they were all very good. This Dragonfly Mark 2 is a very accurate air rifle


Well that’s going to be all for now. I think 16 times is enough to test an airgun and besides, you’ll see this one again because it’s not going back to Pyramyd Air. This rifle I’m testing is the reason my Sheridan Supergrade was up for sale at the recent Texas airgun show. This one is a keeper.