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Ammo Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Sixteen

Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Sixteen

Dragonfly Mk2
Dragonfly Mark 2.

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This report covers:

  • History
  • Today
  • The test
  • Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head
  • Baracuda 18
  • JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned
  • Air Arms 16-grain dome
  • Then it happened
  • Summary

Today we look at the Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle with other pellets. It has taken us 15 reports to get to this point, but today we are about to see what this rifle can really do. Let’s go.


In Part 14 and 15 we looked at accuracy with a certain number of pump strokes, from three to 15. We tested the rifle at 25 yards and it was scoped with a Bug Buster 3-12X32 scope, which is ideal for this platform. We discovered in that test that the rifle was most accurate with 5 pumps, with the pellet that was used and at 25 yards. That’s a lot of specifics — right? But cheer up, guys. An accurate rifle, which the Dragonfly Mark 2 certainly is, will be accurate with other pellets under similar conditions. That’s not to say that experimenting isn’t necessary, just that you have a lot of latitude.


What I’m going to do today is test the rifle with other pellets. I will use the 5 pumps and 25-yard distance that we now know is good.

The test

I’m shooting 5-shot groups with 5 pumps per shot. And the Bug Buster is still mounted, so no sight-in is necessary. I’m shooting off a sandbag rest with the rifle resting directly on the bag. I’ll tell you the names of the pellets as we go.

Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head

First up was the Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm head from H&N. The Dragonfly put five into 0.505-inches at 25 yards. Not too bad.

Dragonfly Baracuda 553 25
At 25 yards the Dragonfly Mark 2 put five Baracuda Match with 5.53 mm heads into 0.505-inches between centers.

After this group I adjusted the scope up three clicks.

Stock up on Air Gun Ammo

Baracuda 18

I had tried the Baracuda 15s in the Dragonfly already and they weren’t that good, but I thought I’d try the Baracuda 18s today. Five went into a somewhat open 0.559-inch group at 25 yards. They are probably not a pellet for this rifle.

Dragonfly Baracuda 18 25
The Dragonfly put five Baracuda 18s into this 0.559-inch group at 25 yards.

JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned

Next to be tried was the 25.39-grain JSB Exact Jumbo Monster Redesigned pellet. Now a pellet this heavy is way out of profile for the power of the Dragonfly Mark 2, even on 15 pumps. And I’m shooting it on five! I almost pumped 10 times per shot, but I wanted everything to be the same except for the pellet, so I stuck to five pumps.

I also adjusted the scope up by six clicks. And even then the pellets hit below the bullseye. Five pellets made a 0.57-inch five-shot group at 25 yards. Are you beginning to see how consistent this air rifle is?

Dragonfly JSB Monster Redesigned 25
The Dragonfly put five JSB Exact Monster Redesigned pellets into a 0.57-inch group at 25 yards.

Air Arms 16-grain dome

Next I tried five Air Arms 16-grain domes that had been the most accurate pellet in this rifle on five pumps. Their previous best was five in 0.196-inches at 25 yards. Today they went into a 0.604-inch group that was not only not the best; it was the worst. Was that because I was tired? 

Dragonfly Air Arms 16 25
The Air Arms 16-grainer that was previously the most accurate pellet was the worst in this test. Five are in 0.604-inches at 25 yards. 

Then it happened

I tried one more pellet — just to see. It was the 18.52-grain H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. I was surprised to see the second pellet go into the first pellet’s hole without enlarging it. When the third pellet did the same I wondered if I was going to drag out the silver Chuckram coin. Shot number four opened the group to trime-sized and shot five brought it back to normal. Very good, but normal.

Five pellets went into 0.227-inches at 25 yards. So close! 

Dragonfly Baracuda Hunter Extreme 25
Five Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets made this 0.227-inch group at 25 yards.

The last pellet was the best today, but as you can see, they were all very good. This Dragonfly Mark 2 is a very accurate air rifle


Well that’s going to be all for now. I think 16 times is enough to test an airgun and besides, you’ll see this one again because it’s not going back to Pyramyd AIR. This rifle I’m testing is the reason my Sheridan Supergrade was up for sale at the recent Texas airgun show. This one is a keeper.

author avatar
Tom Gaylord (B.B. Pelletier)
Tom Gaylord, also known as B.B. Pelletier, provides expert insights to airgunners all over the world on behalf of Pyramyd AIR. He has earned the title The Godfather of Airguns™ for his contributions to the industry, spending many years with AirForce Airguns and starting magazines dedicated to the sport such as Airgun Illustrated.

35 thoughts on “Seneca Dragonfly Mark 2 multi-pump rifle: Part Sixteen”

  1. “Five pellets went into 0.227-inches at 25 yards. So close!”
    That’s excellent; no wonder you are keeping this rifle.
    I love mine, too….which was bought at your suggestion, of course. 😉
    Blessings to you,

  2. BB,

    The five Air Arms 16-grain domes appear to be horizontally stringing. Not enough to knock the H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme but this rifle does show tantalizing accuracy.


  3. BB
    I’m sitting in my recliner and listening to Sirius XM’s Classic Vinyl with the likes of Steppenwolf, Pink Floyd and Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit, not to mention CCR’s Run Through The Jungle reliving my biker days hanging with the Border Bandits in SoCal and working on my 6’th beer when it hit me. The blog on this airgun will never end until I buy one.
    I decided I liked this airgun from day one but already have a half dozen multi pump airguns. The Crosman Legacy 1000 even has more power, and I let it pass.

    Well I have seen the light. All those others do not even come close to this one, in many ways, So I will put an end to this P/A conspiracy and place my order, While I listen to the Animals and The House Of The Rising Sun. Not bad being old sometimes.

        • Davemyster
          There were times in life when all was right. The music, the people and the job.
          Like minded people all around you and life turns into a perpetual party lasting for years.
          I was fortunate enough to be in two Navy Squadrons and one overseas station that resulted in having friends for life and getting me into firearms and motorcycles.

          Decided to get this airgun in .177 for plinking and casual target shooting. Can’t imagine a critter sitting around waiting for me to pump it up, especially if I missed ! But you never know. Looking forward to it.

          And yes Shootski they were both VR Squadrons along with NAF Mildenhall, England in the 60’s even. 🙂 A friend an I rode our bikes down to Portsmouth one day to freak out his old shipmates still onboard the carrier USS Wasp when they pulled in for a liberty stop there.

          • “I was fortunate enough to be in two Navy Squadrons and one overseas station that resulted in having friends for life and getting me into firearms and motorcycles.” — Bob M

            “Very cool” says the guy whose wife bought him two pistols and three airguns…as well as buying me my 2006 Heritage Softail Classic…yeah, the wife’s a keeper, for sure. 😉

    • FM made the Animals’ “We Got To Get Out Of This Place” his unofficial retirement song.

      As to Mrs. FM being a “keeper,” which has been the case 42+ years, when her WH (Worse Half) failed to timely act to snap up that nice Beeman R7 NIB Roamin’ Greco had pointed him to – long story why that did not happen, but the acquisition process had to be set aside suddenly for a greater good – this AM found a nice HW30 at a good price, new, and will be pulling the trigger on that one TODAY. Told missus about it and she said “go for it, sounds good!”
      Perhaps this will be the beginning of her enablement into Airgun World. 😉

      • “…found a nice HW30 at a good price, new, and will be pulling the trigger on that one TODAY.”
        FM, they are awesome rifles; you’ll not be sorry to get it! 😉

        • Dave, that turned out to be a fiasco; tried to place the order with a company which shall remain unnamed – it was not PA, but PA will probably wind up filling it. It will be a Beeman R7 instead of the HW30 but both made by Weihrauch so no issues there. The short of it is the other company’s website kept giving FM error messages about “discrepancies between billing/shipping addresses” – there were none, in fact – further stating the “transaction had been declined.” Stubborn FM could see no reason for that, so tweaked address data a bit and retried several times with same results. Decided just to be sure to go to the credit card company’s website and check the account…went into ballistic ignition sequence when staring at the multiple purchase transactions on the screen; immediately called the credit card company number, spoke to a nice lady and asked them to cancel/decline all pending payments for that vendor. She assured FM it would be done but will follow up; it is a customer-friendly company so no doubt they will make things right. Nevertheless, will follow the Reagan “trust but verify” rule until assured all is well. Advice to businesses – make sure your ordering systems work as intended and do not create nightmares for your customers or you may wind up with no customers. Sad thing is had bought online from this outfit in the past with no problems but…go figure.

          Last thing, learn from FM’s troubles – check your credit card accounts immediately when making purchases with or without a card, even if you see messages alleging transactions have been declined. End of rant. FM calmer. Ignition sequence aborted. All that FM would say to them is, when it comes to online purchases, DO BETTER.

  4. BB,

    I think that you will regret selling that Supergrade. This may be a more accurate MP, but it is not the Supergrade. There are airguns here at RRHFWA that are not going anywhere until I do. Then they will be passed onto my grandson. Even if I somehow end up with one of these, my 101 is not going anywhere.

    Now my HM1000X will be moving to a new home today. I have never seen a more accurate air rifle. You can send your Diana 27 here if you want. I am certain you have a more accurate sproinger.

    • RR,

      I was looking at a .22 caliber HM1000X LRT as a long range bench gun a while ago – it’s a very nice rifle!

      I’m sure that the new owner will be pleased with it!


      • Hank,

        They are indeed very nice. Mine was a pre AirForce HM1000X. The new owner is VERY excited about getting it. From what I understand, he owns several AirForce HM1000X. He is thrilled to add this to his collection. I ended up with an AirForce Texan LSS w/CF tank in .457. I hope to shoot it some today.

        • Congrats on the new airgun RR! .457!!! Quite the thumper!

          I’m not into the large calibers so (if you aren’t hunting with it and don’t need more power) I’m curious why you went from a RAW to an AF. I was of the impression that the HMX1000 was the better of the two.


      • BB,

        I appreciate it’s quite a distance to the range and when you get there, the West Texas winds are often uncooperative.

        Do you know any friendly warehouse owners in your neighborhood that might be willing to allow you to set up a few targets out of hours?

        Would save you time and a few gallons of Bidenberry juice, not to mention the frustration of shooting in windy conditions.

  5. B.B. and Readership,

    First let me say I grew up on multi-pump airguns and love them still. That almost changed with this extended blog; i understand how Yogi feels when an extensive PCP Blog happens.. I own a Mac-1 392 Steroid+ and have no need for this import from China. I workout regularly so even pumping up the science experiment: /blog/2009/05/a-steroid-streak/
    isn’t a problem for me. I pray the good Lord grants me strength and vigor until the day I die; I will do my part.
    Precision is almost exclusively a function of an individual barrel’s characteristics: that is why Tim recommends shooting a STEROID candidate to make certain it is an accurate shooter. Why would you want to spend money to make an imprecise shooter more powerful and capable of lasting forever.
    With the number of reviews indicating flimsy misaligned pump linkage I hope someone designs and builds a strong and trued linkage for this multi-pump.


  6. All well and good. But we don’t get this air rifle in Europe yet, so please revert to testing the Gamo Arrow .177
    My Vector Veyron 6-24×44 scope is still stuck at the customs office, so I haven’t done more shooting, since I established that the 4.52mm H&N Barracuda Match group much better than the previous pellets.

  7. I’ve been internet-less for a couple weeks and have to catch up on missed blogs.

    By now Honest Bob’s Used Cars has exchanged his lemon Dragonfly MK 2 for another one. I am very curious on how he likes the one PA sent him on the exchange.

    Honest Bob?


  8. Thanks BB,
    for doing this review! I really like and have killed many pests with my MK1, So I am glad they are making the MK2. I dont have money for it as my MK1 is doing the job. But I am happy the MK2 is out there for people to get as I think there is a bunch to like here.

  9. old Bert
    Boy do I feel dumb or brain dead. I totally overlooked the fact that this rifle has a rotary mag. The stock and traditional build blindsided me.
    All my pumpers are single shot and having that mag will really cut down the time between shots. Now I’m really glad I ordered it.

  10. Just received mine..Stock is nice and thin and not shinny and yellow. Like raw darker satin stained wood waiting for some oil finish. Much ‘gooder’. It ‘farted’ at first trying to pump it before I remembered to cock it first. No disappointment here. A solid well done airgun at first sight.

  11. Kinda skipped over the blogs on this airgun after my initial decision not to get one and had to do a lot of catch up reading. On my look over I found the front sight assembly a bit loose and side play in the rear sight. Tightened small Allen screws out front but nothing for the rear sight. .Not real loose but in handling they may have moved slightly and remained in a slightly different set. Do not try to reposition the rear sight further back. It does not fit on the scope dovetail. Had a similar trigger pin drift problem on another ‘ new airgun ‘ that cocked the trigger over allowing it to bypass the safety and fire. Just had to slide it back in place so the trigger housing could retain it as it slid over everything. It was never properly installed in the first place.
    So, is it safe to assume the rifling distortion to a pellet changes the group placement at different power levels and would probably be different with every pellet design and weight. The reason we need to find the ‘right pellet’
    So,if we are assuming that most every Drangonfly Mk2 will shoot the same I belive you could save a lot of reporting on the pellets that do not do well. Just tell us about the best heavy, medium and light pellet you found that worked best for each airgun at a close, medium and long range. Unless something extraordinary occurs.
    And of course I’m talking about the most popular reliable pellets. Too many to check them all. Readers could add others that do well.

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