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Customer Reviews for Air Venturi .257

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Air Venturi .257
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    5.0 5.0

    5.0 5.0

    By blake from USA on 2020-01-27
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    Things I liked: I use these to zero at 75 yards. Then you can shoot 1 over or 1 under. If you have a varmint at say 40 yards, use 1 under. If you have a varmint at 100 yards use 1 over. Also, I use 104gr hp, and 105gr Spitzer pointy-headed slugs. You can dope your scope really easy using my system. You can practice on these 105gr, and use the hunting ammo for those pesky yotes.

    Things I would have changed: Nothing.

    What others should know: Long pill. I usually seat the slug gently. That way it won't slide back. If you hunt from an elevated stand, then you can keep rifle on your rest, breech open. When you see the varmint, you can select the proper slug for the job. You can hunt with these (fp) too. I find the 105gr Spitzer to hold flatter over distance. I notice it more on the heavy 400gr. If you practice and zero at 75 yards, you will have less arc to contend with than zero at 50 yards. These will go through 4" of wood backstop. So, be advised.