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JSB Match Premium
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    By Alexander from USA on 2018-10-27
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    Things I liked: Excellent uniformity, shiny clean and dust free. Plastic case and double layer foam packaging is very convenient. Incredible accuracy and precision out of my target pistol (fas 6004), even without a proper vise. It's easy to get 3 or 4 pellets through the same hole. More precise than I could ever hope to be!

    Things I would have changed: It would be nice to have a selection of head sizes, though for the cost these are obviously specialty pellets for match air pistols.

    What others should know: These are very costly compared to other pellets that offer +90% of the same performance. Price per pellet works out to roughly 9.5 cents each, compared to 3.5 cents for the RWS Meisterkrugeln's. Also be aware that the head size (4.48mm) doesn't always play well with every barrel. If you're only a recreational shooter, these are a bit like putting caviar on a burger--that is to say, it's worth trying just to see if you like it, but you probably shouldn't make it your tuesday night tradition.